I am relishing my infamy here as the most hated talker. What a bestowment. What an achievement! I know 99% of you here are paupers living in abject, debilitating poverty, but do know I feel your pain. For those who are uneducated or undereducated, I feel your pain too. To those unemployed, I feel your pain too. Most of of you have no savings nor any meaningful retirement plans, I feel for you too. The vast majority of you don’t have a decent health/dental plan for you and your families, I feel for you too.
As you wallow in your misery, I will be thinking of you, for luoamerican is a kind, caring, beautiful human being.
And remember, the United States is the greatest, strongest, wealthiest nation in the history of human kind. So put some “respeck” on Murica’s name next time you mention it.
And finally, I am smarter, stronger, wealthier and better looking than all of you miserable plebs and you negroes know it.
As you go to sleep on your smelly, 1 inch, 20yr old, cum, piss soiled mattresses, remember that luoamerican feels for you. Be blessed. Just like me. #hahaha #LoL #plebs #hahahasomemore

hehehe i know i know am breaking the protocol by even commenting in this post but i just love how the village ignore this you…@luoamerican make a point or effort of creating a new handle kama wenzako apa na ukam srowry kimwana

hehehehhehehehe this made me laugh

We don’t create coz we are hated… Dim wits

Can you watch JKL on KTN right now?
Humility is key…evidently shown by these young Americans.

Anika W-2 yako hapa plus ya wife, lets see what’s in it. :smiley: It’s unreal to see a black man bragging about a country that treats his kind like trash.

Moto kaka

Do you know what irony means?

Kaka wewe kweli moto ya gasi

You can brag abt Murica …dental…retirement lakini ujue utazikwa mahali ulitoka kendubay. Ugali matumbo ya kuchimba shimo itakuliwa saa nane jua ikiwa moto na hio bibi mzungu atakuliwa usiku Kwa matanga na some villager with foreskin.
Atakuja mazishi kama sex tourist.