Usiku pserko...

How has your day been?? Have you met an annoying person or been around any? Did you miss a meal in the name of meeting your deadlines? Did you get late for work?? Are you tired and just want to rest or massage? thirsty, you want a drink ??

Anything interesting happened… Tell us about it.

i want to drink your ova :slight_smile:

sudo made a nice wali wa nazi, noogle ingine niliita haikutokea ione hio mbuzi ya kukuna nazi.
asubuhi niko mlolongo na empty container ukitaka lift kuja before 6:30

‘umekunywa’ za bibi yako zote???

kuja nipee massage

Wewe naeza acha uumie…


Yaani unanichukia hivyo.

Some Indian mzee at Copy King, Mama Ngina tried to mess my morning but I was too distracted to let him!

The day’s been meh…all in all, I’m home, not exhausted per se…but some soft hands laid on my back would make all the difference …:):slight_smile:

Nimetoka connections saa hii spotted Kassin look-alike :D:D:D:D

Kutulia tu after a long day of driving Cayenne around. 2018 has never felt so good


@Mathishwo akiwa pale Baku na wazitoh…Ngombe yeye… I mean, nyau yeye…

I’ve had a boring day to be honest with you


Why do chics still fall in love even when you have shown them pictures of your family?

Feelghee I’ve always wanted to toss your salad and stream it live.

Am so dranki babie lol

Drunk na wine?

Teren teren…