Usiku pserko.... Throwback edishen

Hahaha huyo ni imbo kabisa

Kuna mmoja alikuja na box and tells the kids to throw stones in it .he does his thing and the stones turns into sweet…kumbe it was a two sided box…
One pupil noticed akapewa hizo sweets akanyangie hiyo story

Gambling is the same thing. Shabiki and those other gambling outlets have found easy sources of money from the gullible Kenyans.

The memory of spending the whole weekend playing only to start doing homework Sunday evening. My father tried to change that by banning doing homework Sunday afternoon so we stopped doing it altogether…
Why would a teacher give a standard 5 homework that will take 6 hours to finish? Then they don’t even mark it themselves. They used to tell us to exchange books.

I used to wake up at 4am to do my homework… When dad comes kwa study room nasema narevise… Hehe. There’s a day I was watching titanic when I was in class six late in the night at around 11pm…my dad came and asked me, ‘inaendeleaje?’ I explained to him… After a few minutes he started the lecture… ‘najua, kwa mtihani hutaulizwa nani alioa nani, nani alizaa, nani alikufa’
I swear I went to sleep and never stayed up late. Hehe

4am ? Early riser I see.

Class 6 watching Titanic weee, let me ask a question, who was a burden to who, in the burdens?

Kiini macho

Leo uko emotional… Kwani you are perusing through the family’s album?.. It evokes such nostalgic memories…

Hehehe , umenikumbusha mbali bro

I laugh at such memories… Hata sahii I tease my dad, but then it used to hurt… Especially since we were and still are close

siku zimekaribia exams we would sneak kwa ofisi ya deputy and steal exam ilikuwa ikam.sema kuchafua na hatukuwa tunasoma the whole term.

4am? Jeso Kristo! By noon you’re already tired af. Mimi I have never been a morning person. Hata 630 ilikuwa ngumu

Very bad, na sisi ni kusoma na kanyitira and making sure GHCRE tutapita

Hehe funny enough I was never sleepy… Mimi nikiamka ni hivo. It’s discipline.

Same case am a night hawk

The only magic I witnessed in school was when my blue biro would start writing in red when taking notes. Somebody had switched the ink tube over when I was not around.

Magic show wasn’t for me. Hiyo time movie zilikua everything to me.


Hii Nakuru talkers karibu wote wameendesha subaru huko. kwanza talkers walifanya niogope food za hiyo town mimi hula tu soda or energy drinks za supa

rusha thrupass ya Nyiva

Hii 4 am nilianza kuamka last month juu ya pesa