Usiku pserko.... Throwback edishen

Zile magic shows, do you remember them…??

My dad was telling me at around 1970`s when he was a young lad and they had kuchanga money to watch the show… Then ati it was 5 cents… So, after they got the money they gathered in the social hall just to watch… The magician did that trick of changing a piece of paper into money (then a five shilling note)… My papa said he thought that was pure bullshit bc if he had such a talent why would they changa money to watch him do it… Akasema never again, he’d rather buy mandazis instead.

Hata mimi these tricks of turning pieces of paper into money niliona ni ufala sana. Then I was in class 1. Never wanted to watch these kinda shows again.

Kuna another magician who thought he ‘would cheat/escape’ death… Ati hawes kufa akijinyonga… Well we were there just watching the guy die thinking he’ll make a comeback, sad… Hivo ndo alienda.

What memories do you have when you were mostly in primary school… Na kwa Wale wazee at most secondary school zile nyakati??

Enjoy your night all.

For real? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Hahaha cheka tu… You’ll be haunted alone

The school booked us on Akamba bus to Nairobi kufika Nakuru we bought kebabs that were bad, lets just say the whole bus had an emergency… I only started eating Kebabs two years ago.

nakumbuka primo kuna bully aliniharass sana , jinga yeye saitan .

in our subcounty the magician was Kimatu Wa Kimatuka, used to pay 1 bob, acha mtu atage mayai, we used to go wild. kumbe ni sleight of hand

City primary tulikuwa tunaletewa manu chandaria,vimal shah,kamlesh patni and other banianis…it was predominantly an Asian school…but at least tulishika nyonyo na nywele za waindi

Hahaha… Pole. In my school during trips everything was usually taken care of, from food to snacks… Everything was usually too smooth until one day the bus broke down tukiwa on our way to Naks… I remember tulifika huko around six and we haven’t gone site seeing… The fun part was kurudi nyumbani usiku with loud music … Hehe…

hehehe this was closing day… on our way home

I used to like those magician shows back in primary school.


Mimi nakumbuka ile trick ya kueka juice kwa gazeti na haimwagiki…

What was the trick in that…?? Mimi I’ve never figured it out

have climbed longonot once nailikua ni skool trip nikwa klass 5, the bus school had taken was Matunda, how can i forget this. left school at 7am karudi 10pm, ustake jua ilikua mwaka gani. heka loading


It used fuck up my brain… kesho i will try and find out

Bambo Bambo boom boom

hehe i was in primary and there was this chick called *nyiva she found me pissing behind the headmaster’s office garden which atrracted a thorough lashing lets say she bullied me the whole term,today we are friends works pale westlands

Io ni nini??

Ilikuwa slogan ya magician Fulani kbc