Usiku pserko.... Holiday edishen

Holidays give people a certain relief especially if you don’t have to go to work… And me, school [emoji4]

So, what are your plans for tomorrow… Sleep the whole day, hang out with your pals, visit some places near you of course lest you end up tired af, general cleaning, enjoying some sweet time with your family, sex all day??

For those going to work… Poleni.



I wanted to sleep until 1 pm but we have to go to a get-together. We’re going to spend the day with inlaws who still don’t have electricity in 2018 but still think Uhuru is the messiah. Can I get a whoop whoop!

I was here.

Sir, please don’t take this badly ni vile tu nataka kujua. Wewe ni wa miaka ngapi?

naeda kurara

I’m in my 30s

Guka, unekuja kwa thread yangu kuuliza maswali?? Kaa kwa Mada

Huyo judge should have backdated the m01 holidays ! bure kapsa , Kenya economy need serious judiciary .

Kenya should consider doing what the Brits do.
All Public holidays are celebrated on a Monday , either brought forward or back.
What’s the point in being off on Wednesday just to have to go back for two days on Thursday?

Pole sweetheart. Bad habits die hard.

Mimi nitakuwa gishagi doing nothing.

My fren… Shithole countries vs civilised countries

Holiday mimi nitajipeleka out for three cold whitecaps na samaki hapo lakeside nikifikiria maisha yangu.

Sema utakuwa unaota jua…

Ama huko kuna mvua…??

I’m no Economist but I’m sure the double disruption must cost the Economy millions of not billions.
And who would rather not have a long weekend as opposed to a day off in the middle of the week?

This old ass bitch still looking for his children in forums… Siku moja utawapata meffi for now go retreat and watch the sun set peacefully

Buda lets make our own ktalk members club…uko corner gani ya the queens land?

Sio kwa umbaya, lakini pia mimi I’m lost hapo kwa electricity. Kwani wanapika na stima? A get-together is just that: GET TOGETHER. Watu wajuane. I personally despise people who use phones or gadgets in social gatherings. Ati una invite mtu kwa party and then they spend time fidgeting with their phone. Bure kabisa (not you @Yunomi). On occasions I’ve ‘kindly’ asked some anti-social individuals to keep their gadgets away. Yes, my party, my rules!

But story ya phone…haileti shangwe story ya stoma 2k18 niggas in ice land have elec… Fuck towns in the 1900 had electrical lighting… In 2k18 bola stima… Am also keen why