usicheze na mimi. huwa nakamua mamako buanaa


Uncalled for.low blow kapsaa

It hurts what people were told.

muteso umezeeka tulia

hivo ndio unarudisha sweep hakuna kukimbia kortini . Sunguch alie sasa

…this is the cleaner translation of “yo’ mamma is a ho!”…

Huyo mama atadinywa na nganga kimatharao in revenge.

Yaani kuna watu huamka asubuhi na mapema kwenda huhubiriwa na huyu msee?:smiley:

the only thing that can take me there is to behold the sweet younglings flossing there

In fact it appears that to be referred to as Wajinga Nyinyi is actually an euphemism. The extent to which Kenyans have been zombified is much, much deeper than initially suspected. Kuna shida kubwa sana hii Kenya.

That people? can actually congregate day in day out to listen to this aberration of nature insulting them, assaulting them, demeaning them, humiliating them is astounding!

Even worse is that the so called authorities know what this mofo has been up to, and have not only abetted it but also turned a blind eye.