Ushuru Kenyattax

Hiyo ndio jina mopya ya proprietor wa Northlands City.

Mezeni mate,
mezeni wembe.
Northlands City mtajenga
Mpende, Msipende.

Meanwhile keep in mind only ONE arm of government matters in this land - Executive. Judiciary has been revisited and Legislature has abdicated - kazi yao ni kupitisha tu. Nataka kuwaonea huruma but you guys are resilient. 6 years ago against all evidence and advise you chose to put in power a…(honest description redacted). Only common selling point was they had cases at the ICC. That is the original sin.

Even worse than the billions lost in uncountable heists and tender scams has been the erosion of accepted norms and degradation of integrity of public institutions. The only thing that matters is wishes of the president/dp (aka tribal cheif) and their private interests.

These taxes are only the start.

Webe si ure ure. Elections have consequences.


Ata spear amechoka kuweka jubilee development.
One correction though, parliament didn’t pass the extra taxation, the vote was rigged by that kaSamburu woman speaker.

tano tena na kumi freshi za uncle ruto,so far so good ,NO REGRETS LIWE LIWALO

Ushuru Kenyattax…

Never a dull moment…

lawyers wa wanjiku ni kina nani.

I think the public is being whipped in readiness for a referendum. We will be told that the current arrangements are expensive and ought to be restructured.
Then we will create a PM post and still retain the current constitution.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiyo jina ni pure jiniass.

Having said this bwana @Mjuaji , at least try to use your brains once in a while.

Corruption is a big, big problem yes.

But in my view the bigger problem is the Katiba you guys passed. Off the top of my head it increased MPs from 210 to 349 and added another 70-something senetas, turned councillors to MCAs, created 47 counties with gavanas, deputy gavanas, speakers and ministers, created a dozen commissions that do virtually nothing, created a Supreme Court and all the infrastructure needed, I could go and and on and on. That same Katiba never said ONE WORD ON HOW REVENUE TO PAY FOR ALL THIS NONSENSE would be raised.

People like me told you, this thing is too big too fund, you called us names. You said Kenya is rich and democracy is expensive. Now you are deflecting blame to Uhuru wholesale. Ndiyo, yeye ako na makosa lakini ile makosa kubwa iko kwenu. You can’t think o save your lives, as I like saying.

Serre goat!

Although nakubaliana na wewe 75% of these positions are pure BS it is not the wage bill that is driving the debt ballooning.

The borrowing and subsequent mismanagement of the borrowed billions is Kenyattas cross to carry.

Uhuru is to blame for the looting in his govt …led by Ruto

Once again you show how tribalism na kuwa kichwa maji makes ostensibly educated people like you talk shit the whole day with a straight face. Ni kama kurogwa (sori, but as you know I can’t stand BS).

Answer this before you accuse me of ad hominems: what proportion of national revenue is used to pay salaries? I think it’s more than half. AND YOU WANT TO TELL ME THIS IS INCONSEQUENTIAL ON THE SCALE OF THINGS?

Please, let engage in a grown-up debate.

For once umeongea kama mtu full

Both of you are right in the sense that we are over represented and we are fabulously corrupt

Howbdo you people take it when there are cabinet secretaries with no designated duties (read Tuju), created posts of asssitant cabinet secretaries (Not in Constitution) and then another imbecile in the name of president … staki kumalizia ju ntalia.

Buda ata hujui mimi ni kabila gani yet you accuse me of tribalism. What kind of grown up debate is this ? Or this is what you guys have resulted to after Raila joined Jubilee and robbed you of an easy scapegoat ?

Shida yako ni kufikiria you are always right, a guy has put across a very valid point na unamtusi. Kwa hii kijiji I have not seen anybody more tribal than you, that is why you can’t see that our biggest problem is theft of public resources. If you can’t see that then take your opinions and shag them up your old ass. NKT!


Wewe ni Orangutan or Allied…

You are an idiot. Nimekubali corruption is a problem lakini shida kubwa pia ni katiba. Lakini kwa vile wewe uko na ujinga ya kuzaliwa hauwezi ona hivo. Eti am the biggest tribalist and always think am right? Nigga, in the last two days alone nimekubali being wrong on several times. As to being a tribalist, every Kikuyu is accused of that so nimezoea.


Unachekea nini sasa?

I hope you are trolling bro. Tell me you didn’t fall for this.