ushamba shamba Na flossing

Nimeona video kadha huko TikTok za Bonobos wakirestock fridge Kile nimenotice watu wengi hapo Ni washamba with very few coins trying to fit in.

:D:D:DMTU ananunua maziwa YA UHT which always cheaper than the fresh chemical free milk nakuweka Kwa fridge. Wengine wanaweka condiments kama soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup na tomato sauce kwa fridge. Spirits kama whiskey Na gin pia wanaweka kwa fridge.

Hawa ndiyo the same fools utaona kwa club vaping because they think it’s cool.

Anyway huku Kenya it’s a monkey see monkey do society.

Negro copy everything except TECHNOLOGY!!


What is the problem of putting such items Kwa fridge? We learn everyday

The fresh chemical free milk is actually cheaper

Asking the same

Mwanaume you buy your food fresh, you spend less time in the kitchen and eat less, hakuna kuown upuzi kama fridge, microwave oven etc.

Whiskey should be stored at a consistent temperature in order to preserve its flavor and freshness. The ideal storage temperature for whiskey is between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing whiskey at a higher or lower temperature can cause the whiskey to evaporate and become less potent.

pilipili usio ila…

What does it take to copy technology ?

Ata mimi kama senior bashera nime-debate sana whether I need a fridge, even the tiniest one. I eat in hotels ama naletewa prepared meals. The only things I cook are bachelor friendly food like eggs. Vitu kama chicken/bacon mi hubuy ya kumalisa na siku moja ama kesho yake by lunch time ikienda sana. I’m not crazy about alcohol. I also wouldn’t want to store sugary beverages in the house coz it’s not healthy. Sikuizi soda nakunywa like once every three months. Hapo kwa maji ukiwa na dispenser imesort your cold water needs. Alafu the older you grow, the more you shun super cold drinks. At the moment I just don’t see the usefulness of this appliance.

Wewe ni wale watu huweka mkate kwa fridge.

Jamaa anaweka chakula kwa fridge(not the freezer) for weeks and still insists that the food is fresh.

Space is limited in most of our houses. Tunatumia fridge kama kabati

Thats so many words to describe your peasantry

Just lol @ you if you don’t have a pre wall kunguru lactating fresh goodness into your weetabix every morning

:D:D:D:D mlevi unakula mkate aje

Exactly vile umesema. Especially ikifika ni biz, watu wako copy pasting

Hapo kwa cold drinks nimeshindwa kuacha banae.Sheet will kill me one day.

I don’t see the need of a fridge in our African society. We can always get fresh food from the market and vendors any time of the day without a lot of struggling

io maziwa ya UHT imekaa kwa shop kwa shelves 2 weeks bila kuwekwa kwa fridge,