Useless Telkom

In my desire to heed the “Safaricon ni ya mpesa pekee” clarion call, I recently got a Telkom line. Everything was good…until I decided to open a new gmail account. You know how after filling in your details, you’re asked to verify your phone number either via text or phone call? I used my Telkom number. I pressed the “verify” button while picking up my phone and drawing the pattern, coz I expected the text to arrive immediately. 5 minutes later, bado. I attempted again, wapi. I then opted for the call, thinking that this time it would happen immediately, waaaapi? I then used my Safaricom line, and what do you know? Everything went according to script.
Those evil fuckers at Safaricom think of everything. I used to think those verification codes arrived so fast because Google is awesome, kumbe the phone operator also plays a role in how fast you receive it? Sometimes I’m glad they’re the dominant telco in our country, other times not so much. Such mundane stuff also reminds me that Safaricom is not necessarily market leader because they’re that good, but because their competitors are useless pieces of steaming meffi.

End of mini-rant.

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I have had the same verification problem but on an Airtel line.

I have also had the same verification problem but on a Safaricom line

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]TELKOM [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]KIBOKO CHANGU…

mimi najua telkom mambo yote,with kshs250 i get 2 gb of data…what else does an introvert need kama sio cheap net

My exact experience with Airtel !!

I had the same experience with yu sometimes back

I am using Airtel 4G with free 2GB data scheduled to run till next week. Can’t relate.

Wait until u get Faiba 8GB for 350 things will never be the same again

Its 300

with 250 naeza eka 1gb daily for 5 days


Getting an Uber,skype,telegram confirm is much faster than getting it from Telkom.Mark you their confirmation comes from outside KE operators

Naona tu wasee wa #resist

This affects even Safaricom at times. Kuna time I waited for that confirmation sms mpaka nikachoka. Nowadays I have those backup codes kwa laptop as option B in case I may encounter the same problem in future

sisi watu wa ssh keys tukae wepi??