useless Kenyan media

Corona virus is one of the worst epidemic happening at the Moment domiciled in China as at now.

This virus has phucked up China and its economy for the few months imekuwa huko including locking down a whole city with 20 million people.

Now enters the Kenyan mainstream media with alarmist info.yaani they are praying for the disease to arrive In Kenya. Mara oooo a case reported at JKIA , ooh a case reported in Mombasa , ooh a case reported in kimilili, ooih a case reported in KNH . turns out they are all hoaxes.

The disease is not an achievement priss githeri media. Si ati ikipatikana hapa we are the best in Africa. No other African country is reporting such news

Don’t they know how such alarmist news will affect investors and the economy at large? In fact these are treasonable offences.

This thing ikipatikana it should be kept under wraps and contained not cause panic. But KQ pia Ili blunder I was watching BBC of some British students wakiulizwa where they would go now that the city is under lock down, and they replied they are going to Africa immediately they find a loophole.

Mimi I support Sarah serem Kenyans in Wuhei province stay there where you can get better medication and reduce chances of spreading infection untithe virus is contained


You’re a moron.

Its treason causing panic which will bring the country to a standstill. Angalia constitution. Ni treasonable

punguza ujinga bana. The government is taking this virus casually yet we have a poor health sysytem. Other countries are locking out flights from China

Uwesmatina waambie wajue. Wajulishe.

Yule mans wa KHN aliachiliwo, si naskia quarantine ya corona inafaa kua 2 weeks

Uwesmakende. :D:D:D

You have a point. The media in Kenya is very undisciplined.

Ati reporting those cases will cause a stand still? On what exactly? What about informing the public and educating them on preventive measures? Your cliques should be exterminated through lab experiments.

They have exhausted the locust story. They have exhausted the Waititu story. BBI is only happening in weekends leaving them with nothing to cover from Tuesday to Saturday. People aren’t raping cows anymore. They have run out of useless things to report about.