useless commenters thread

ona comments mwitu

For those who didn’t read here’s the summary: It’s the same story in a bullshit sandwich. The end



Athii akiumaga

Good summary…:D:D


:D:D:D:D he ended up editing all that 700-word hogwash and substituted it to make it look like he knew what was gonna happen!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D even edited the thread’s title! LMAO!


whats funny …ohh, your fat shifted?

what about your illuminating post tho? where’d that go? why’d it go?

Rap it to get it, wannabe! Fake

Stellar trolling! Grammy worthy! I did NOT see that coming.

Bow. So much bow!

With bated breath I await your next post. [SIZE=1]I just hope you wont delete or edit it 'cause it didn’t get enough “likes”. [/SIZE]

I am not pea minded as you are …i mean, pee minded.

Wipe front to back, think it helps

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Its just me and you. No need to quote the post.

Also, that was a dumb cum back.



you guys running a truck over a poor ninja, what was the post about anyway coz. nimechelewa

some nonsense about tribal history or something … @Steelo 's response is the best summary of that 5 paragraphed crap which was then hastily removed and edited to reflect what you now see after it didn’t get the expected response.


it was posted using the wrong account …but a fool wants to capitalise on her rare chance at brilliance

upu…get a life


:D:D:D Sorry I ruined your post but you didn’t have to remove it.
P.S.: The saddest part is that i didn’t even get past three sentences. *They see me trolling, they hating…:smiley: