Useless Chinku APC

RIP to Fallen Heroes

@spear ebu leta more pictures of what happened to that APC.
@Jazzman and @imei2012 IED ilikuwa Kilo ngapi?

not same model, I guess?

And this is supposed to be an Armored vehicle :eek:
Wakenya tulikosea wapi?

IDE si ni ile interface ya computer iliyotangulia ATA na SATA?

@spear ebu leta more pictures of what happened to that APC.

Thanks, corrected

When the 30 APCs were secretly acquired in February 2016, ostensibly to help in the fight against interior terrorism and organised crime, experts questioned their safety following three incidents a few days into their use.

In the first case, the windscreen of one carrier was shattered in the middle of an operation.

In another case, security personnel complained that some APCs were leaking while others lacked proper ventilation to conduct operations in Coast and Northern Kenya.

In another incident, a group of General Service Unit personnel requested the suppliers to prove the vehicle’s durability and efficiency in the filed.

The officers wanted the supplier to get into the APC and drive past them as they shot at it at close range.

“The supplier refused to get into the APC. He said he would not endanger his life by getting into the APC as we shot at it because it was not safe. We were all shocked,” said an officer aware of the practice.

When the story broke in the media questioning the safety of the APCs police headquarters defended the machines.

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“The machines have helped in securing officer in operations,” said police spokesman, Charles Owino.

Mr Owino said the APCs were on a one-year warranty from their manufacturers, and that a Chinese technical team was in Kenya supervising their maintenance, usage and general performance.

“So far, the APCs have clocked 5,000 kilometres and are due for routine service. The air conditioning system is working well with the tyres in good condition. The APCs can run for over 100 kilometres on flat tyres,” he said.

Vehicle’s status

He was reacting to queries on the status of the vehicles amid claims they were not in use or helpful to police at large then.

The carriers were deployed to Mandera, Elwak, Liboi, Amuma, Mangai, Basuba, Milimani, Mkowe, Mugumumbi and Mangai and Barago, Tot and Arabai in West Pokot.

President Kenyatta commissioned the vehicles at a low-key ceremony attended by Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet.

They were driven to GSU headquarters under heavily armed escort.

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The Government said the vehicles were part of a multi-billion shilling plan to equip and modernise the police force.

Also shipped in was a range of security hardware including guns and bullet proof vests.

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@pamba yaani mlitaka ku open fire na automatic rifles in close range Kama supplier yuko ndani…hata mimi siwezi kubali



:eek::eek::eek: Not cool at all! Mtu haamini product yake mwenyewe lakini anauza na mtu mwingine ananunua tu na kuipeleka field?!

It better they would have imported them from another country preferably Russia

Do they make them from fibre or what?
Any self respecting APC should never be blown up like that by an IED most probably delivered and planted by mere hands in the ground.

IED hapantambua armoured sijui nini nini. Look at these former US M1 Abrams tanks that fell victim to Iraqi IED.
From this
To these

M1s have the best armour in the world, mark you. How would an APC survive that?
An IED can take down anything. It all depends on the amount of explosive available.

Does it matter?

Inakaa nyinyi ndio mna assemble IEDs ndio mjue how they operate nini? … IEDs take out tanks guys… The death of our brothers was unfortunate. R.i.p soldiers.

At @Jazzman and @pamba check out MM post ya jana and give field experience tulikuwa tunajaribu kuchambua hii kitu jana

This is the same argument you were having with @Malaika Firth elsewhere. She was just saying that diff. APCs have different capacities to handle IEDs. Just that, nothing as complicated as you were making it appear. So when the originator of this thread uses one APC as a sample of what has been blown, then accuracy is not observed. Just that, mwalimu. No complications.


Nyie watu aina gani! @Jazzman ebu leta footage za Stryker apc ikikamulio settings na IED pale Middleast…ndio hawa wajinga hapa waache kuropokwa. Even better leta recent ones za ango putin pale Syria.

Seriously, ni kama hakunanga planners kwa hizi procurements. Knowing very well, and the painful lessons the americans, brits, and the rest of ISAF learnt in afghanistan and iraq, about the effectiveness of IEDs, most of them televised, people still went ahead and bought cheap chinese APCs that offer very little protection against IEDs and small arms fire.

There are these things called Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that are purpose built to survive multiple IED strikes (depending on size). Yes there are the Pumas bought from SA and the other ones bought for the APs

The high ground clearance and V shaped hull allow the blast to be deflected away, ensuring survivability. Even after the highly publicised and documented failures of the M113 APC the Americans used in Vietnam that would force troops to ride on the roof instead of inside, someone still buys similar APCs and sends them to such areas. And these are the results…



so munasema tulicheswo ama?
so tena ni kusema ma alshabachieth hawatatishika na hizo apc zetu???