Useless Arabs.. Your days are numbered

See how Arabs are treating us[MEDIA=twitter]1229312618571141120[/MEDIA]

No wonder @kush yule mnono prefers kazi ya ngamia tu. Hii kwa nyumba ni stress.


weuh this is sad

Are these arabs ama ni mbai

These are Indians faga!

These are Indians faga!

Then you hear a negro coming here with Islam safi kama pamba.

Arabs see niggaz as slaves Islam and Christianity are fraud.
Our fore father’s worshipped God traditionally

If you build your economies then you won’t have to go over there with begging bowls.

Sad. Alafu ata mchunisha sukuma

It is sad, but what can we do about his situation now that he is India or wherever and we are here… ni huruma Tu. Ni huyo ninja pekee anaweza jitoa Kwa hio shida by quitting that job

You nailed it

africans will always be slaves coz they are ignorant , greedy & selfish !

This thing is happening in Kenya too but nivile watu wananyamazia bcoz ya shida. Hao ma house maid and house boys wa mhindi ujionea mambo

@langatkipro do you know the difference between an arab and an indian? ama kwako wako the same kama chinku na japs? The dude was not kenyan btw…dont believe everything on the internet

Ferk u and your muthaferkn faggot arabz

Frk u

here is some proof numnuts

Shida ni kitu mbaya because it makes you a slave. May God help that poor man and avenge for his suffering.