Used and dumped. No one cares about your freedom

Hong Kongers were being encouraged to riot by US government and politicians. They are now finding just how duplicitous uncle Sam is.

They are also encouraging a coup in Venezuela which has intensified the catastrophe. They are not sympathetic to Venezuelans unless they are millionaires willing to defect. The rest are left to die in the jungle.

Him and all American leaders have just realized chinko is no pushover, wakileta ujinga wataona fire.

@Sambamba we are not that foolish. We know the Chinese govt could as well instigate protests in Hong Kong hoping the U.S opens its doors to protestors.

For instance that was one route they wanted to use to deliver this new covid strain they have developed.

Hii maneno tunaelewa buda boss.

China also instigated the protests so they could use the opportunity to entrench their foothold in Hong Kong, communism tactics 101.

Cc @Tom Bayeye tunawacheki in 3D.

america first policy means exactly what it means… long live chairman mao and mother russia

Hong Kong is a rich country and yes I called it a country.

Hong Kongers hawanyimagwi Visa kama Africans. Hong Kong sio some 3rd world state. Many Hong Kongers hold several passports for ease of doing business.

If you are a genuine protestor and not a Chinese state agent, the most natural place to run to first before even the U.S would be the U.K since ni colonial master and they have very many close links.

hk is part of china…sijui shida yenyu ni gani…for all i care china is right to take it’s territory back

China juu juu zaidi.

Hong Kong & Taiwan are just Chinese Provinces. The Official name Taiwan The Republic of China (ROC),

America is past tense. America was Great. NOT ANYMORE.

Long Live Chairman Xi.

But China says Hong kong is part of its territory so hao hawawezi nyimwa visa. In the past US politicians were busy encouraging hong kong protesters but recently the same politicians wamenyamaza na kuwatupa kando.
I believe waliona chinko govt sio joke.

Did China help to build Hong Kong?



Now that Hong Kong looks nice they want to claim it. It’s like if North Eastern became developed and Somalia started salivating. Or they started salivating after Eastleigh because of the profits therein. Itawezekana aje?

Or how Palestinians salivate after Israel. Now that the desert is irrigated and covered in produce now they demand it back!. They see the roads and hightech lifestyle, now they want that. Cc anti semite @kyuktothecore .

Associating with success.

China could as well claim Singapore!

Singapore is 76% Han Chinese.

Will you also state your case that Singapore belongs to China?

Cc @Sambamba and @Tom Bayeye

When you see your old girlfriend is shining, ass looking good, BUT she is married… you cannot start demanding ati arudi kwako, urudishiwe.

Urudishiwe kama nani???

If Hong Kong was just a broke province, China would have zero interest whether they spoke Victorian English or not.

But it’s because Hong Kong is a $400 billion GDP economy that China is interested. It’s all about the money. Nothing to do with territory.

Taiwan is a trillion dollar GDP economy!!

These two countries Taiwan and Hong Kong are super power tiger economies.

That is why China salivating like a starving python or a hyena.

How Hong Kong was taken from China

I support China in its efforts to take back what originally was, is and will forever be China!