Use your xperia wisely, it ain't gonna last for long

[SIZE=6]Report: Sony might exit its smartphone business if 2016 doesn’t produce a profit[/SIZE]
Posted: 07 Oct 2015, 11:51, by Alan F.

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According to a new report, Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai is giving the company’s Xperia smartphone line one more year to prove itself. If the division doesn’t break even, or post a profit in 2016, the executive has hinted that there are “alternative options” for Sony including exiting the business altogether. The red ink that Sony’s mobile division is expected to spill this year has risen from $310 million back in April, to a more current forecast of $480 million.

Part of the problem is that Sony has been unable to gain any traction in the U.S. where it owns just a 1% market share. In it’s home country of Japan, Sony’s market share in smartphones amounts to just 17.5%. Another issue affecting Sony is the company’s difficulties profiting from a mid-range line, since it is getting squeezed by low-cost Chinese producers.

The company’s high-end Sony Xperia Z5 series has received some interest, especially the Xperia Z5 Premium. This is the first smartphone to offer a 4K 2160 x 3840 resolution (although only media is rendered in 4K, other times the screen has a 1080 x 1920 FHD resolution). But without a strong U.S. carrier partner, it remains to be seen whether Sony can turn the business around. And if the company doesn’t turn things around soon, the Xperia name could end up being one for the history books.

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[SIZE=6]Goodbye Sony mobile: here’s why Xperia is facing extinction
Authored by:Robert Zak — 11 months ago

Sony is aiming to be 25 times more profitable by 2018, and a key part of that strategy could be to drop out of the smartphone game - leaving the Xperia family to seek a new home.

Will these phones soon be looking for a new home? / © ANDROIDPIT
Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai predicts $4.2 billion growth for Sony within the next three years, saying that this will be driven by the company’s strong-selling games division (led by the PlayStation 4) and cameras. When asked whether TVs and smartphones figured in this plan in a recent interview with Reuters, Hirai said Sony “would not rule out considering an exit strategy” for these divisions - the biggest hint yet that Sony Xperia could be no more.

This isn’t the first time Sony has hinted it could sell off the Xperia family, with company officials saying in January that “no business is forever” when discussing the future of its mobile division. Sony has just reported its sixth net loss in seven years, and this has largely been attributed to its unprofitable smartphone division.

Sony’s Xperia brand has always been in the shadow of smartphone industry leaders like Samsung and Apple, but is now facing even more pressure from high-quality, low-cost devices from growing Chinese manufacturers, OnePlus andXiaomi.

There have been no suggestions yet as to who would swoop in to buy the Xperia brand if Sony were to pull out. But considering the critical success of devices such as the Xperia Z3 and theXperia Z3 Compact - both of which we gave 5-star reviews - we expect there to be several companies out there who will see value in these solid devices.

Would you be sad to see Sony quit the mobile market? What company would you like to see buy Xperia, giving the brand the recognition it deserves

Someone pliz tell them to start making low budget smartphons to compete with akina Infinix Na Tecno.and also consider nonsmartphone gadgets


am buying another xperia this year before they discontinue the f**ck*rs

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Somanga date za articles before utuwekee hapa boss. Then read subsequent articles


It’s their own fault. Poor marketing combined with excessive pricing

Hapan tambua Samsung

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I concur with you. Marketing yao ni kama walisahau. Samsung markets it’s phones sana so we always know when they have new ones even though hatuzipendi. Sony nao when they have a new one utaona tu advert kwa youtube, not on TV or posters. They should make good noise about their products.

Sony doesnt bother sell its phones. The other thing is that they are still making aluminium phones while everybody moved to cheap plastic.

Yaani they’re a victim of their own success? Aluminum phones last longer (don’t break) so we buy less often.


iPhones are equally well crafted and have guaranteed OS updates but still breaking sales records each year.

Sony released a new Xperia Line at the MWC in Barcelona… So what were you saying?

Xperia Z series has been discontinued

X series looks very appealing. The bezels on the XA are so thin that you’d think it’s just glass. That aluminium finish and the Xperia label etched on the back…they look wonderful. In future I might upgrade my Z to one of those. I think the X Performance might be a flagship, ama labda wataannounce flagship later like they’ve always done.