Use Solar Power As Primary & KPLC As Backup

Free yourself from the grid. Power everything in your house with Solar except Cookers.

Cost msee

High initial cost but cheaper in the long run. ROI iko juu sana

Which solar company did you go with? What was the total cost? How many watts does it produce? What items do you power with solar?

Solar power ni upuzi, utaenda loss.

Wewe hujui kile unasema. Kenya Power is the one that causes major losses with their frequent power failures. Why do you think all major companies in Kenya are switching to solar power? Stick to Ruto issues mjamaa.

Are you a major company? Their needs are very different from yours. To a big company savings of even 0.5 bob per unit translates to hundreds of millions yearly, kwao inaeleweka.
Wewe weka solar then ufanye mahesabu zako za 15 years, utuletee report. Vitu zengine for the short run hukaa kama solution, but after 20 yesrs utapata ukikuwa wrong


Solar is the way to go, hii I got at way cheaper price through a dealer

tell us more… statistically why?

Which one.Rusha contacts

If you get a very good solar guy to install the best for you, solar power is the best long-term and saves you more from the grid.

In a mansion over 4 bedrooms and above, your monthly grid bill will always be above 10k. A year that is 120,000. 3 years that is 360k paying to the grid.

with about 200 - 250k, you’ll have solar power which runs you with no bills until battery change in the 7th year. By 7 years in the grid you’ll have paid 840k. Going to solar you save, 590k in 7 year period.

Problem with Kenyans especially Kenya Middle Class they never think long term na hesabu plays hide and seek with them.

Fanya hii hesabu yako hapa ya grid vs solar 15yrs period

Solar - 250k installation and battery change once after 7 years = about 270k in 15years.

Grid (a 3 4 and above mansion) minimum is 10k a month = 120k a year. 15 years = 1.8million

In Solar you save about 1.5million in 15years from the grid

Kuwa serious wewe. Nimesema hufanye izo vitu kwa ground, sio kuandika hapa. watu wengi wenye izo solar stima ikifika kwao wanaachana na solar wanachukua stima


tuambie why or shut the fuck up… unaongea in parables kwanini nugu wewe

For peasant kenya power is always the cheaper route, after all the use electricity for lights, television and small electronics, sometimes a fridge but rarely. Their monthly bill is about ksh 500 per month. But in a modern home with water heater, big fridge, electric cookers, washing machines, electric iron and water pumps the bill will be very high, the question which of this high power consuming gadgets can be powered by solar. With that you can calculations and see whether it is worth it

Hio ng’ombe hakuna kitu inajua isipokuwa story za ruto. Mtu bladfakin kabisa

That statement speaks alot about you and what you are talking about. Kuja nikutembeze hii Nairobi uone venye watu wameruka KPLC after kujajaruka na upate hii hesabu kwa ground.

Indeed 10k grind monthly bill is on the lower side … my friend bill ilikuwa over 25k monthly in his mansion ikabidi akate grind kabisa. Sasa kplc wanambeg.

In a house with big fridges, TV’s, washing machines, microwaves, water pumps, electric fence, etc, ukiwa na bill ya 20k shukuru.

Even in this rental apartments with water heater, tv, iron box, a small fridge, no one pays less than 3k monthly to KPLC which is 36k a year.