Use of Tactical Command and Control System (TCCS) to Tackle Cattle Rustling in Kenya

I believe that GoK should create buffer zones (na man’s land) in the boundaries of cattle rustling communities in northern Kenya. Strategically and across these zones should be government installations (military training schools, anti livestock theft units, police stations, why do they still train at embakasi? Geeez! ). Then and only then will the government purchase the TCCS from Bae systtems (UK). The system is able to do geo fencing. In case there is mass movement of persons or livestock across one zone to another, an alerm is sounded and immediate action is taken. The satellite imagery is so futuristic that it can be handy in coordination of military / and police action in such a way that those battle hardened son of bitches from the north stand no chance. Just like that, we kiss cattle rustling a good bye.

@Gaza out this Maafaka!

Msee lala tuu. Huna degree.

unataka kurudisha watu 1952 hauko crias

Followers wa rustlers tayari wananimalizia hii nugu. No need to even lift a finger.

Cattle rustling is a very simple problem to solve, it can be done in under a year. It is vested interests by politicians that perpetuate it

No Man’s land strategies might not work effectively since pastoralists usually need to move from one location to another from season to season in search of greener pastures

Wewe TCCS ikakutomba matako usiku mzima asubuhi utaamka tuu na uendelee na shughuli zako. Hautajua.

This can’t work. Pokot ni kichwa ngumu na haisikii anything. We just need to procure three atomic bombs the Hiroshima magnitude and drop it on that region

The only comment worth my precious time. The problem is very big. This is precisely the reason why gov needs to invest in a real solution.