USD 10 m biz idea,leave your bill worries to me when broke.

that is one billion Ksh capital.
how much of yourearnings goes to bills? how many types of bills do you have to pay in any given thirty days.
most common:
-rent(office and the house)
-utility bills(water,power,refuse,domestic workers…
-pay tv
-car services
-school fees
i will ensure you have a grace period of sixty days not to worry about kukatiwa anything.
you will deposit,the equivalent of the bills you want catered for with me. if you default i will charge you at three % for the said sixty days. once you get on your feet you will sort me out and we will continue doing biz happily ever after.
if you are blacklisted by the CRB I WONT DO BIZ WITH YOU.
Lets have a look at the numbers. 80/20
somebody like mzee wa mama pays 9000 max while the resident doctor luther pays 27000 max.
average =18000 since only 20% of your bills are of utter most to you that is what most people will insure.
that gives me 3600,i know only 20% of you pay bills,hao wengine ni free loaders.
just in ktalk i would collect 20%10003600=720000/0.72m.
in nairobi i would collect 20%40000003600=720000000/0.72B.
i know the idea sounds wacky with no legal frame(with this kind of money i can buy a few mpigs and make the neccesary laws).
it would be launched around december so as to prove its importance come january.
dont miss the point please,i will not be making money from the interest charged on defaulters. NO.
I would actually pray to all the known gods for you not to default.
tell me can you see how i will be making my money. lets asssume you have an economic brain.
poke all the possible holes you can find.
i know it is not tested but hata mpesa was not.
i have like a million of this ideas,i call them biz gaps



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hhehe… umesahau bills za mtu kama @kiidinyi



pia hizo ziko kwa covert op of this njaro,hapta mpango wa kando.
hata child welfare upkeep/kakitu ya mum

How old are you?

25, Why mrs poko?
just tell me if you think my idea can work or else…
take one

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Mrs poko tena? :wink:

Too much risk. Utaenda hasara hadi utie akili

i bet you didnt care to get your facts right.
ebu point out the specific risk,it can be migitated

I’ll definitely take one…I can never fuck underage boys!!

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Haaaiiii…hata mimi nimeshidwo

Now wake up

Your computation for Nairobi should net you 2.8B. With that money on a call deposit at an interest of say 8% per annum should net you 17.7m per month net of tax. Thats a tidy sum to live on


i have like a million of this ideas,i call them biz gaps

Ata mimi I have many ideas but mine are geared towards the IT industry… Na ivo ndo naona one day I’ll be a dollar millionaire through one of these ideas… Kitu kama Fb, a very simple concept but it can change your life in an instant… Look at Snapchat, Instagram very simple stuff… Lakini let me train in being a developer first staki mtu aende na my idea!