USB Is Truly Universal

Nowadays they are including USB ports in all manner of devices. I recently bought a TV Guard and it has 2 USB ports for charging your phones or tablets. 1 port is rated at 5V 1Amp the other is for Quick Charge rated at 5V 2Amps.


Wall sockets and extension sockets have not been left behind. They also have their USB ports.

NB/ Universal Serial Bus (USB)

This is how malware will end up in the least anticipated places.

These are not data ports, they are USB Power ONLY ports, there is a difference between these and the one on a Home Theater system

I thought that was/is determined by the cable.

Ata stima ikuwe universal 220 volts

For the USB to be fully universal the connector shape should be reversible so it’s easier to plug in just like the emerging type C

Yes a cable can also determine that. But what malware will an extension socket get yet it does not have software in it, its port’s function is OUTPUT only as opposed to Laptop’s of TV ports that are both I/O (In and Out).

A charging cable has only 2 wires -ve and +ve, a data cabla has 5 (Power -, +), (Data - , Data +) and(Earthing, Gnd the outer covering of a USB port). The ports in an extension have only 2 DC cables - and +

Sio mbaya for a start, with the rate at which USB type C is being embraced, wasiachwe nyuma,