Usaidizi kidogo


Kwani how are people notified that they have won green card?

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these saber-teeth nilotes will be the death of kenya

Doesn’t add up. Kwani she didn’t provide her contact information?

There are places and people where full trust is bestowed on the attendant. Fungua email, give the guy your password, e-citizen, patia jamaa your logins, siwezi kuwa suprised its the same thing happening hapa.

True that! Had not considered that scenario

True.Kuna kienyeji nilikua nakula vibaya sana huko ocha kwetu.She later got a job ya ECD teacher.Alikuanga na sim card but no phone.So angeweka sim card kwa simu ameomba then she would call and ask to be called back.There was nothing interesting between us except kumkula ama kumtumia an occasional 2k or 5k.
She suddenly went missing.On asking around I was told alienda kwa sistake Kisumu and got a job there.Hata nimamsahau.One day out of the blues alinipigia simu banae.Msichana yuko Yues alipata Green Card anafundisha some rural school sijui Kentucky.Kumuuliza alifanyaje hio mambo yote akadai mse wa cyber wa kisumu alimsort kila kitu alilipa tu soo tano.

Could be genuine. When she applied the Cyber cafe guy just typed his email address. Communication is soley via email nowadays due to the Reduction Of Paperwork Act

Why??? so many guys apply for the GC in a Cyber and pay the guy to process everything…could be genuine… I hope they find her, her life is about to change and I believe there are deadlines…
The journey is long both financially and emotionally…

what do they tell you to do when a deal seems too good?

 use your damn little ugly ferkin head

Story zako saa zingine zinakaa tu za giants:D:D

Sioni deal hapa. I see naivety on the girl’s part.

Kijana wa cyber alijilipa na shot

Huyu anakuliwa mkia na Uwesmakende pale Kwa singo Iko kayole

fraud story