usaidizi kidogo

First,tech gurus i have an android 6 phone(mediatek-najua a few of you don’t like it but haisuru),i have for some time noticed that there are some gestures that capture screenshots but i have not been able to know specifically which(google has not been of any help either) sometimes when doing other things and my fingers pass over the screen a sreenshot is taken.
Second,why are financial institutions so much into facebook accounts,i have seen that they ask your facebook account when opening new accounts.Online lending apps also open through facebook(tala,branch,name them) could there be a way to anika someone if they default? why not twitter?

Facebook has a larger base. Hence to capture user data(e-mail, phone numbers) for account registration is easy.
Maybe it’s a way to monetize those app.
And if you’re a sucker for conspiracies, we jua fb inaharvest a huge load of personal data from your phone. Kuna pics kadhaa ya Sukabaga amefunika camera na microphone ya simu yake. Spyware etc etc.

Slide down with three fingers on an infinix to screenshot