Usafi Kama Pamba

So today morning my boss, as a sidenote, advised us to do something out of the ordinary that would change our way of life at least in some parameters e.g kuacha sigara, pombe, MWK etc etc. Since pombe has proven to be a very tough opponent na hizo zingine mbili mimi hapana tambua, i went for a crazy one. Afte nimetembelea kituo. Took some courage since it has been over 3yrs since the last visit. Of course hapo katikati there are a couple of times niliteleza hadi kwa settings za kunguru and even though kupata hii kitu sio death sentence nowdays, ukiona mistari miwili is absolute shock and pure horror. [ATTACH=full]159116[/ATTACH]

It feels like a new lease of life. Mafisi wenzangu @uwesmake , @Koolibah @Mosa na wengine challenge kwenyu

I can feel your relief all the way from here. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Chunga usiteleze tena.

If ever there was an emergency, @uwesmake would never give you first aid. he would give you AIDS first.

Hii kitu inakuanga a vicious circle ukijipata hauna, unasema kumbe HIV si common vile, because you had slipped several times and still turn out negative, so you start DFing randomly kidogo unajishuku unajipima tena then you go dipping again till you get burnt.

sasa upunguze unyanduzi

using a strip is not always accurate.Go for the Hiv rapid test for confirmations

But unaeza shangaa huyu kitombi hana. I asked the nurse who took me thru the process stats yenye wako nayo and she said over the last two months hawajapata victim. Sijui inapungua ama watu wamekua more careful. Nowdays there are so many remedies including ile ya Mobi ya kuingiza kwa spirit for 10 minutes[ATTACH=full]159117[/ATTACH]

Zii I disagree one test kwangu ni tosha, if it says negative I believe it and I am relieved, if it says positive I will retest until I get one false negative believe the negative and live happily till it gets fully blown

It wasnt just blood that i used. Pure serum extracted using a centrifugal pump

Hehe Negative is the key word

Using the strip may either give a false positive or a false negative…

Hii ni maneno gani tena? So bado sijatoboa mkondo?

hii kitu hufanya nitetemeke hadi makagaree every time i go through it.sijui kwanini

Katika harakati za kujaribu kuupita huo mtihani!

Yeah the confirmatory test is known as hiv rapid test…

indirect fluorescent antibody is also used but its tedious and requires extra attention to detect those ags and abs



That’s a bold step

Last year kuna jaber fulani I used to eat halafu siku moja akasema niendee test. Nikasema hapa ni kubaya. Asked her why na akasema alienda home and her parents told her to be careful na maisha yake. She even did a test to show me she is clean, ikafika my turn n I was so scared I ghosted her bana. In august finally niliendea test n was safi kama Pamba. Niliamua kutulia na kuacha kuwa Kadinya