Wadau, are there people who print and bind books downloaded from the internet such that they would look like the original books? I want to download some books from the internet and have them printed and “binded” such a way that no one can tell that I never bought the original book. Any leads? The books are for my library

Copyright wanakusikia

Yeah there is a way, go to a bookshop and buy the books

that is called piracy

See your life?

Wacha stori mob. Any leads?

No. Waiting to see the answers

If they are for your own personal library/use why do you care how they look? And as some talker points out that is the very definition of piracy. In real talk wewe ni mwisi.

In Kenya u can’t live without pulling a piracy move one time or another.

Why can you not buy the book or download the PDF doc and be content with that?

Will you teach your kids that?


I wanted the hard books for my small lib. I

Still this is no excuse.

you can, but no value for money. hakuna mtu atawakisha mtambo kuprint kitabu moja. print tu vile ulikua unaprint notes campus,

Why go all that way. It will cost you as well and maybe the book cost 5so.
Before swallowing a mango seed first calculate the radius of the Anu*

This clown can’t be helped no matter how resourceful this village is! It is what it is.

Seems you took it personally? Don’t kill urself over it. Hakuna trophy inapeanwa

All good. Just remember that this shit cannot be redacted. Reminder, is that what you teach your kids?

You feel okay preaching ‘short cuts’ but you have a problem with NYS ? There is no acceptable ‘read -justified stealing’ wrong