USA wanatakaje banae..

Watamaliza Arab cousins wa @Bingwa Scrotum banaa.

I know the msomali saizi ako in a dark corner aki chew jaba akiwa in deep deep thoughts.

Alafu wako wapi wale ghasia walikuwa wanaenda kusema ati Iran is not Iraq kosokoso. Mbona upto now hawajafanya any



Meanwhile pale Iran kazi ni vitisho tuu…ati wanaweka red flag juu ya mosque Lmfaoooo

Arabs are just full of hot air. America will reduce Iran to a cabbage state just like Iraq or Afghanistan. They will regret for taunting Trump to action.

Americans are super powers

A super power.

Ningependa wa practice latest weapons Iran na Somalia

N.B. Iranians are not Arabs.

A hyper power.

Is it not in the umbrella of Arabian nations?

Mega hyper

Nope. Never has been.

Just ‘hyper’. It still needs to build coalitions.

No I dont think Iranians or rather Persians are Arabs. They are Europeans just like the Turks

If USA goes against the world, the USA wins every time. I’m proud be a future American.

They’re a blanket middle Eastern nation. Otherwise they’re Persians

Kama wasomali hujiita Arabs juu ya nywele inakaa imewekwa chemical fake…sembuse wa iranian

Just imagine

Yep just googled, Iranians are not Arabs. We learn new things every day.

No live Persia death to imperialist.

Iranians are not Arabs and their language is totally different from Arabic, also ethnic afaghistans who make up about 50% of the population in afaghistan are also not Arabs

But they are Muslim. That is what matters
Kile naona, US imechocha sababu inataka control of all the oil trade in the middle East.

Once Iran falls the US will be in control of all the oil huko. Of course watapumbaza watu wakisema oh, we are getting rid of terrorism funders e.t.c but that is just secondary.

Ile vita US itachapwa sio what they expect. US expects a big war where they know Iran cant afford. Iran nayo itawapea terrorism acts from now till Jesus comes.