USA issues travel advisory on Kenya due to covid cases

The United States has advised it’s citizens to reconsider travel to Kenya due to Covid-19. This follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issuance of a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Kenya.

Umefi yao yote has come to nought. All the harrasment of citizens, destroying small businesses, many that will NEVER recover, and we end up in the same situation as Tanzania.

Yet the most afflicted areas of asia,europe and china are flying into US. Enyewe ka hakuna kitu unaleta kwa meza,unaeza dharauliwa vizii:D:D:D

Americans are sh!t

To date , the USA has 618K COVID deaths…
I guess we are doing quite well over here … :smiley:

am sure its about insecurity and our love for China