USA Is Degenerating Fast. San Francisco Is Now Like Kabul

United Sodom Of America has gone to dogs.


What a beautiful sight! Brings a tear of joy to my eye!

That’s what you get after you go blue. @Guy004 what you say ?

[SIZE=5]Very sexy the way that lady has posed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Hair blowing in the wind…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Tiddies on full display…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kalashnikov at hand…[/SIZE]


Meanwhile kule New York kuko kama kwa Shetani.

I see no issue here.

Wacha wauwane the trigger happy American chieth have no war oversea to fight. Sasa ni kuuwana kama mende.

No deaths reported. It’s all good in the neighborhood.

A black man who reads And believes the Daily Mail really hates their race.
This one of the most unapologetic open racist paper in the mainstream media

Na ile takataka inaitwa The Sun.

I love it, keep it up San Francisco losers! The whole country is laughing at you.

San Francisco the shoga capital of the world where shoplifting goods worth less than 700 dollars is not a crime.
@patco ako na ofisi huku

$950. :D:D

Trump was right!

Ni 950 dollars actually. Si mlisema @patco anaflip hamburgers Seattle :D:D:D

Patco anaishi trailer park pale Wyoming

Wild Hispanic babe. Just like Hollywood

San Fransisco is full of Hispanics…Hispanics love violence, murders and playing with guns!


I love me a badass biatch …

That lady is sexy , but she can hunt you down in any American karura equivalent like an angry rhino