USA hits 300,000 cases.

Racist France pia inakwom kukuom…[ATTACH=full]295292[/ATTACH]

@administrator cant you just create a subforum for hakimoto, na iitwe mazishi pare US na Europe by Hakimoto?

Hapa wazungu nikunyamba tu…

Kenya virus ilifika hadi lodwar…
Inafanya press ups irudi round 2 nairobi.
US are testing everywhere that’s why the positive test are many.
Hapa kenya watu wametestiwa pengine nikama 2k.
Watu walipona kitambo kama brenda wanangoja round 2

Hit ignore button bro…

Everybody, literally everybody got this link unatupostia hapa. Are you enjoying ama shida yako ni gani? We know numbers tomorrow will be higher than todays, and yesterdays are higher than the day before. What’s unique? Not even funny. Maybe if someone else hd posted, couldn’t sound as mononous. Lakni hii yako iko timely as if uko pare kwa morgue ukireceive bodies baba

Free wifi,wacha watu wajibambe:D

Could be…but again you cant be that timely

[SIZE=1]na kitunguu inukie.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Anyway back to the issue at hand, it was bound to happen.
Drumpf thought USA was invincible. He thought the virus was a Chinese problem.
He was ignorant and arrogant(as I always say, it’s a very dangerous combination)
Oh…And I predicted this shit exactly 3 weeks ago.[/SIZE]

At its peak 10,000 will be dying everyday in the US. That’s an average of 200 per state per day.

Trump wasted precious time in January and February, Americans will pay for the price with their lives

mongoose chapa kazi

So what if he’s enjoying? Its his right as you have been told hapo juu piss off from his threads if you don’t like them. Some of us roast duck every time @hakimoto comes with his good news. Keep up the good job bro . never mind these cracker lovers

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UK seems to be going the American way. Looking at the current figures…its a dangerous trend… so many new cases and new deaths.

something is amiss in Chinese numbers