USA election will be nullified and Trump will continue ruling

Nani ame kuuliza? Mefii

Asande Ango. Nirushie ka-Gilbeys kamoja nitoe lock

You drink mbitika?
Sorry, I just remembered you mix kc with guiness

Not in my world and my relas huko. We believe he is a mad man. For real.

Hehehe. Kidogo tu lakini

Alphas lean right Betas always lean left… far left



All dreams are valid but kwa ground things are different!

Tuko na efidence sijui nene,
Meanwhile in the courts 0:12 ingine imerushwa nje because of lack of evidence

They have zero evidence just casting aspersions , he was hated by so many he had to go! They have been street parties and celebrations all over the country, I’d wanted to join but I fear is covid!

Trump , you’re fired!!!

According to your thick head everybody abroad works in carehomes and jst to confirm yr idiocy, how can care homes be closed? It’s like saying hospitals are closed coz of covid. Another reminder pple working at both these institutions (hosps n care homes) are among the best paid people right now in this pandemic.
@Purple talk to this one

Yes indeed. We are considered essential workers and v.v.v crucial in the fight against Covid. Heshima tafasali.

Have you looked at what they have presented in court so far?
Don’t bother because you will just be dissappointed.

51 ballots here, 9 ballots there. etc.
Nothing to move the needle.

Trump’s lawsuits. Even if they were all decided for Trump, they will move less than 500 votes total.
That’s why no one is taking them seriously.

Arizona, only 180 votes are in question - Trump election lawsuit in Arizona is over, at most, 180 votes. Really?

Pennsylvania, even if they get ACB to remove votes that arrived after election day, Trump would still not have enough to catch Biden.
Lawsuits, Injunctions, Court Briefs, Oh My: Donald Trump’s Legal Battles in Pa. Explained – NBC10 Philadelphia

Nevada, they say 3000 ineligible voters voted (majority military who have been moved to new bases). The true number is in the hundreds.
Even if all 3000 were removed, Trump would still not catch Biden.
Here's Every Trump Campaign Lawsuit Filed Since Election Day | TIME

Georgia - To disqualify 53 ballots which they say arrived after 7 pm on Nov 3. Lol.
Here's Every Trump Campaign Lawsuit Filed Since Election Day | TIME


@admin is there any way that I can block this “conspiracy theories”? I just don’t understand how Africans at Katugulu villages theink they know more than the Americans to the extent that they claim American wlections was marred by serious irregularities than the Kenyan one:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

They are hoping for a maraga moment where a few irregularities will nullify the whole election.

VLets me be thinned by mine.

Ticki tator inakatalia kwa kiti. This guy is an idiot. The Supreme Court wount even give him airtime

@admin can you add a dislike button, just to put these sjw beta males in their rightful place.