USA election will be nullified and Trump will continue ruling


Endelea kuota

Trump’s team has already moved to the court

That can never happen. Drumf nyumbani Florida!

Wake up from your slumber. He just wants to plunge the country into further chaos and bloodshed.

Not exactly. There were glaring illegalities and irregularities. The will of the people was openly jeopardized.

We are at time when what is thought not possible is actually happening, the mad trump may not be going anywhere.

Trump will rule upto 2024

Yes and thrown out 10times because of lack of evidence

Are you also a believer in the “Raila doctrine”?[ATTACH=full]333269[/ATTACH]

I was watching something on aljazeera this morning but couldn’t finish coz I had to rush to work but what I saw is like Trump aliibiwa and could most likely make it back through courts. His fans have bn told to be calm n patient. PS: am not a fan of Trump like that foolish mbukusu Lichoti

I don’t exactly support his policies but I was hoping that he continued for four more years since the Devil-crats are rotten as hell.

Bana those irregularities are so glaring!!! Afadhali hata za hapa Kenya

True. Waliiba na ujinga mwingi Sana. They should have asked from Kenya how it’s done

I don’t care for either Trump or Biden. Hizi irregularities mnasema ni zipi?

Eti you had to rush to work? Si I thot all care homes were closed due to Cofid?

swafi mbitika leo umeongea kama Chifu kumi uncle Trump lazima aendelee na job , but ukweli ni hizo democrat ragtags kina Antifa Trump akiamua zinazimwa in one day

Rotten how? Support for LGBT and utoaji mimba?

Trump is the Best president ever

Saafii uncle. Leo umeongea kama uncles kumi na wawili