USA approaching peak bonoboism

Antifa protesters open fire on a Jeep, end up shooting two of their own
How stupid do you have to be to shoot at a moving vehicle with a crowd of people in the background.

I thought hizi protests ziliisha

The average American is a very dumb fellow

Sasa tunaweza sema blm has been 100% hijacked by liberal mzungu. Saa hizi protests imegeuka kuwa riots which do not benefit black americans.

Wacha kanuke ndio gun laws ziwe enacted. NRA should be tamed.

Wanafaa wakuje lessons hapa Kibera na pale Kondele Roundabout. Headmistress ni yule Mama Machungwa, veteran wa vita ya mawe na tear gas.

Na nilijua tu Obama Barack kutoka Siaya akikuwa Rais wa Amerikani, this would be the future. I predicted this back in 2008. Nikaambiwa niache ukabila … lakini ona sasa!!

A white man said : apples do not fall far from the tree.

Another white man said : like father like son.

Yet another man said : Bado mapambano mapambano…

Thibim Thiarara…

Nimesema thibim thiarara…


Na kwani mliwacha kuimba hii blockbuster??? @Jimit

Na hii???

Na hii???



Yaani umeamua tu kukojolea thread?

Mzee mzima acha za ovyo.

Once in a while you suffer mental breakdown. Nimenotice hizi episodes zako za schizophrenia. How do you expect people to take you seriously kama sometimes you turn into a zombie? That is why most people can never take you seriously coz you are too full of shit.

I have also noticed that you are not a real talker. Can I say more?

@Tony254 you are a good actor though.

Please go ahead. Spill the beans

Wewe ni admin. And you like trolling to keep your site moving. Trolling is your main bread and butter. And you have many handles.

For instance on this thread I knew you would show up because of late you have adopted a new tactic. I won’t go into that for now.

Kawaida you pretend to be very dumb to annoy the talker. To goad the talker. To keep the talker talking. And this is just another of your numerous handles.

I noticed because yesterday you pretended to attack purple and then you called me out. It is not the first time you use this tactic.

Also I did not believe that nonsense that you reside in Europe. I have tried to trick you to confess of your life in Europe but you are very dodgy because uko Nairobi.

Also you are not really interested in U.S politics you pretend to be interested just to goad talkers who talk about U.S politics.


Hahaha. Believe what you want. I will not anika my life here. Wewe pia you don’t talk about your life. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows which state or city you reside in. Nobody knows what work you do. As for sweety @Purple, I just have a crush on her but I don’t like how right-wing she is. She is even more right-wing than you.

When you joined you had a different character. You were pretending to be a stranger. But in that short time you talk to purple as if you know her personally. The truth is you always knew her. You know, people are not stupid.