US 'won't tolerate' China's ban on Micron chips, commerce secretary says

How many chips have you developed ? Reading Wikipedia doesn’t make you an expert . Get a job at TSMC and then I will bow down before you and declare you to be the most knowledgeable…there are guys in here working at NVDIA, AMD, INTEL, APPLE working on chip development and they know a lot.

Banyamulenge please go back to Bujumbura…

Nangoja ile kulia watalia after the new china commercial plane C919 has already gotten 1200 orders undercutting Boieng and Airbus customers last month.

I swear itabidi US wacheze rough they sabotage some of the Chinese planes zianguke, coz hii nikutolewa nyama kwa mdomo roho safi. China man ameamua hatambui US products anymore

The C19 is a short range plane developed as a short range plane and those orders you are talking about are from Airlines in China…No disrespect to the Chinese they are still working hard to steal jet engine designs but for now they have to depend on GE and a French company for the engine and at the end of the day the C19 cost is similar to a Boeing or Airbus in its class with a disadvantage of range…the Airbus/Boeing in a similar category can fly anywhere to Asia but not a C19 so at the end of the day it’s all about business.

Loudmouth (sio mimi nimekuita) what year do you expect Kenya to install a semiconductor on bj50, short answer please.

When you stop being a retard.