US 'won't tolerate' China's ban on Micron chips, commerce secretary says

The United States “won’t tolerate” China’s effective ban on purchases of Micron Technology (MU.O) memory chips and is working closely with allies to address such “economic coercion,” U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Saturday.

Raimondo told a news conference after a meeting of trade ministers in the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework talks that the U.S. “firmly opposes” China’s actions against Micron.

These “target a single U.S. company without any basis in fact, and we see it as plain and simple economic coercion and we won’t tolerate it, nor do we think it will be successful.”

China’s cyberspace regulator said on May 21 that Micron, the biggest U.S. memory chip maker, had failed its network security review and that it would block operators of key infrastructure from buying from the company, prompting it to predict a revenue reduction.

The move came a day after leaders of the G7 industrial democracies agreed to new initiatives to push back against economic coercion by China – a decision noted by Raimondo.
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“As we said at the G7 and as we have said consistently, we are closely engaging with partners addressing this specific challenge and all challenges related to China’s non-market practices.”

Raimondo also raised the Micron issue in a meeting on Thursday with China’s Commerce Minister, Wang Wentao.

She also said the IPEF agreement on supply chains and other pillars of the talks would be consistent with U.S. investments in the $52 billion CHIPS Act to foster semiconductor production in the United States.

“The investments in the CHIPS Act are to strengthen and bolster our domestic production of semiconductors. Having said that, we welcome participation from companies that are in IPEF countries, you know, so we expect that companies from Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc, will participate in the CHIPS Act funding,” Raimondo said.

What will the sick homosexuals do to China? Nothing, just some stupid trade sanctions that China will retaliate swiftly.

Ask Australia what China did to them in 2019/2020

so we have reached a point where China’s refusal to purchase from a US company makes Washington to write a protest letter? Times have changed buana

But if I don’t want to use your product, I don’t want to use it. What’s the problem?

Stop blabbing just to hear yourself talk. China did nothing to Australia just mdomo mingi…they banned Australian products just for nationalist purposes but still let the products be brought into China via brokers.

The things politicians do to impress us ordinary folks is amazing . China is mad that the US has been restricting access to Microchips so they have to yell and scream to show the dimwitted masses they can fight the US. China chip experiment has not yielded any results despite billions in research and it seems reverse engineering a Microchip would need a God like knowledge.
So despite all these noises, China still has to but Micro chips from the West and probably Micron.

Nime pigia Australia … But wana sema hawajui hii story…

You must be a dimwit. Why should the US protest over a non-event? Wait, probably they are doing it just for show. Let me educate you. This is a retaliation to the Huawei ban several years ago. The Chinese have been patiently preparing alternative sources from domestic producers and the Asia region. When you see America protest, it means they have been hurt in a way they didn’t expect.

China will still buy chips from AMD, NVDIA and the West. They don’t have alternative sources and the slint eyed fckers have not been able to steal Microchip technology just like they have not being able to steal jet engine design .
Micron will hurt with the lost sales but you trust me that the US was looking to ban some Chinese companies and the opportunity came at the right time. Here are a few articles for your retarded brain:

  1. China's top chipmaker will 'struggle' to make cutting-edge chips competitively
  2. Why the U.S. wants to restrict China's access to semiconductor chips
    Look for other articles to enlighten yourself

Do you know what is a chip? I doubt. Do you have any idea what exact chips have been banned? Definitely none. Do you know who else produces the banned chips? You don’t. We should not be having this conversation if you cannot answer these questions.

Don’t assume and be an ass-hole. Do your home and research first and we can talk

That guy loves abusing people who are in the US. Ni kama alinyimwa visa and he made it a lifelong commitment to attack anyone with even a remote association with the US. Don’t take such ass wipes seriously

Sasa ati yuess is crying foul and a while back they killed Huawei? Nani atawaambia their kundule is redder? Definitely China. I still have my Mate 10. Best phone of all time, achana na hizi ma Pro Max tunapewa na ofisi

Huawei approached then surpassed Apple quality and kept the prices lower than overrated apple products, that is why it was banned under the pretext of Spying. Their cameras, the batteries, screen refresh rate everything was way above Apple, still are.

Mimi apana mtu ya community college. Tuheshimiane sana.

Honestly…China is way more technologically advanced in 2023 than anyone…ibdenistan is almost a decade behind…facts…nobody even knows where Chinku amefika…

Ibdenistan we don’t even have AI delivering groceries na food…AI grows, delivers in Chinku…

Everywhere I observe…wachinku Wako par na beberu in any city worldwide…soon to overtake…

Asia is edging way ahead of any other continent roho safi…kwa tech…na najua wamejaza maskini in billions

How a country treats it’s lowest…tells a lot…nimeona jela ya Singapore iko swafi kama norway…tho unawesfungwa upuzi

Yeap that true. You are too shitty to the extent you can’t make it to a community college. Stay in your fuckin lane idiot

What research smooth brain ? Take your advice first and apply it because from the comments above, haujui kile unaongea. Just regurgitating US media garbage. Ati God like knowledge. Making chips is physics not some mzungu magic like you’ve been made to believe.

Wacha nirudie kile nilikua nimesema kwa thread ingine…

I’m the most knowledgeable person here on matters semiconductors and the current US restrictions. I have an interest in the field and I spend hours a week on neutral forums where technical shit gets dissected by industry pros. This is how I have been able accumulate vast industry knowledge that would impress a demanding TSMC engineer.

To see you spouting nonsense with such confidence inanipea huzuni sana… I guess that’s why loudmouths go far in life because 99% of people are ignorant.

Na wewe saa zingine uwe na huruma, how can you butcher fellow man like a lamb? When someone gets fed propaganda day in day out by biased Media outlets such as CNN, CNBC and the like they get to a point that they no longer reason on their own.

USA can ban Huawei and other Chinese tech companies in the name of security but when China bans Micron using the same reason mzee Biden anaandika composition crying.
I am starting to think several US politicians wakona shares in Micron.