Slayqueen lawyer, DBK is one of the people barred from travelling to the US.

Acha jokes, huyo atajinyonga.

Huwa anacheza chini, only a few people know about it. tangu kitambo

Because of ties to Moi, so I heard.

So that’s why he has posted that he’s off to France for his winter vacation.
Who leaves sunny Kenya to go and freeze in European winter?

He got the info mid this year, while planning for his birthday celebrations.

I doubt that. I think he has known for very many years. Take a look at this report from the KTM report on Wikileaks: Is this the same DBK?

Mukesh Gohil
[I]It has been alleged that sometime between December 2003 and January 2004 Mukesh Gohil had dinner at an Asian restaurant in Ukay Centre in the company of a relative of Krishan Behal and another individual who over the years has been dealing in properties on their behalf.

Mukesh boasted that without him Gideon is a lost man and as such is not able to keep track of his own money. Mukesh revealed that Gideon has been known to call him in Dubai to ask trivial questions about money already in his accounts.

Without divulging the specific reason for Gideon’s need for him, Mukesh revealed that Gideon needs to have him around. Gideon has fallen out with several of his very close aides, many of whom were instrumental in his deals and most surprising, all are Kalenjins. Examples are Ken Boit, Donald Kipkorir, Ken Kiplagat, Sirma and Kogo. Gideon feels betrayed that his own people are deserting him while those of Asian origin are standing by his side.[/I]

KTM report.pdf - WikiLeaks

They should ban all these bonobos, especially the political class, from the whole of western Europe too.

The only countries that they should be able to visit should be Romania, Kazakhstan, Slovenia etc until they fix the mess in Kenya. They have to be compelled to shape their “behavior” if they’re not willing to do it by themselves. Bure kabisa!

Europe survives on stolen money from Africa. They have the best laundry systems in the world. You are only banned when it becomes public, they don’t want to be associated with corrupt people, publicly