US to supply Kenya with advanced military aircraft.

[SIZE=7]US commandos offer Kenya three of their favourite Polish aircraft[/SIZE] September 2020, Washington will deliver three M28 Skytruck aircraft to Kenyan aviation. ©AB Forces News Collection / Alamy Stock Photo
By sending Kenya three M28 Skytrucks, Washington is boosting the African country’s air defence capacity but also preparing the way for future joint special operations. […]


basically a flying target… thats a passenger plane

You mean the USA buys military aircrafts from Poland ?

Hatutaki za Poland. Watupee za USA .

What’s this?

Hii ni relic,artifacts. Wanatuletea tuziwekee
Kwa museums or what.

the aircraft tunapewa na US .:smiley:

Wakae nazo.

It was a sort of a barter trade program, the US supplied the Polish with F16 jets while the Polish supplied big brother with these transporters.

Sawa military expert. And you’ve been a Kenya Air Force commanding officer for how many years now?

And after that how many years did you say you put in at their procurement dept.? 10 or 15?

Alot goes into acquisition of such machinery, apart from commissions, trade leverage, geopolitics etc when customized these aircrafts serve a good purpose in our defense. And taking into consideration our budget and threat matrix these aircrafts requested for in 2015 are suited for its intended works.



Alafu US wakatupea hiyo taaka taka

Kenya needs investments in infrastructure and not military. We are at peace with 4 out of 5 of our neighbours.

True but we can’t drop our guard. Our neighbours are at peace with us because they need to think twice about invading us.

jesus christ! just because your knowledge of planes is limited to kukunja karatasi doesn’t mean the rest of us cant tell a cargo plane from a military plane… soma gazeti punguza ujinga.

Na kwani the military doesn’t have cargo that needs carrying in a cargo plane?!:rolleyes:

A simple Google search of this plane shows that it is used by the Poles and even the U.S Air Force for carrying troops and light cargo!!

Si ndio hio ya U.S Air Force :



This is a plane that was used in Iraq and Afghanistan for special operations including dropping delta and seals. Sijui mnaidharau kwa nini. She is a rugged little bitch.

In the U.S it is known as the C-145A SKYTRUCK.

[SIZE=7]C-145A Skytruck Light Twin-Engine Aircraft[/SIZE]

Light cargo and passenger aircraft
Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze (PZL) Mielec
US Air Force

The C-145A Skytruck is a light cargo and troop transport aircraft designed and manufactured for the US Air Force (USAF). The aircraft is primarily used to assist Aviation Foreign Internal Defence (AvFID) missions of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

The C-145As were deployed to support theatre special operations commands in Afghanistan and eastern Africa. The Air Force Special Operations Warfare Center operates up to ten C-145A Skytrucks and is expected to deploy an additional six by 2015.

The transport aircraft can be reconfigured to perform precision combat airdrop, combat search-and-rescue, humanitarian assistance, casualty evacuation and disaster relief missions.