US to prepare a military camp for Kenyan Police in Haiti

Kenya is being used as a US lapdog and soon, this arrangement will come to bite us. We have more demanding internal matters that we should be dealing with instead of camping unwelcomed in a country that wouldn’t do shit if Kenya went to the dogs.


In our lifetime, there has never been a better live live example of a poor corrupt debt trapped African client state (puppet) being forced to do shit that is clearly directly against its own national best interests.

That’s how powerless we are.

The fact that .ke cops are going to haiti should not be foolishly blamed on current PORK Ruto. Since before 1963, we have been the most important western powers client state in this region.

Some of our advancements above other African countries can be attributed to this status.

At the this level of global geo-politics if e.g Ruto stood up and refused to obey orders to send .ke cops to Haiti, the consequences ( sanctions and all sorts of underhanded tactics) would make citizens beg Ruto to just send the bloody corrupt D-


An over indebted country is not a free country

When did D materials become friends of talkers in the first place ? To hell with them , they should be packing wakwende na huko

I am yet to understand all this hullabaloo about us going to Haiti. Govt is gonna get paid, cops are gonna get paid, kikiumana Haiti is too far for gangsters to try and retaliate against Kenya. We also get valuable experience in foreign missions, international cooperation and stake our claim as an African military power like Rwanda has been trying to do in Mozambique, Congo etc. Kama unaogopa kifo then stay away from the mission.

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So just coz u r getting paid agree to be used as cannon fodder. The bigger issue is we have our own security problems to deal but za mzungu tuko kimbelembele. If u look around the world the trend is nations are looking inward…establish home grown industries, secure their resources etc. Lakini
jambazi is going the opposite. Unafikiria it’s coz he is some sort of visionary leader…nah, jamaa will sell kenya down the drain if it means he gets to grow his account.

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From recent news the place is a warzone… Nikama watu watskula githeri disco matanga all year

boss, kazi ya police/soldier hukuwa hivyo, you risk your life for a pay cheque. whether it’s in Haiti vs gangsters or Baragoi vs bandits, you are risking your life for money. Shida iko wapi if all parties involved are satisfied with the arrangement? A cop who goes there can come back with 5M and set themselves up for life. We should be thanking the Americans for considering us as the first choice for this mission coz many people like Bangladeshis would have wanted it.

We should thank America for considering us. Tell me you are joking.

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hmn, mnaona hii dunia mzima ni Kenya pekee inaweza fanya hii mission?

Si tulikubaliana kitambo that; Kenya is a modern day neocolonialists state guys. Nothing surprising here.

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You know @Stormtrooper98 , I kinda feel sorry for you, because you argue so vehemently in support of some things that should just shock you into a deafening silence, if you really thought about them.
But it’s OK, if you choose to go die for–well, nothing, really!–do a will and hand your wife and children to @Yuletapeli for safekeeping. At least he has some use for this life.

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You guys are just not being realistic. When you sign up to be a soldier there some things you automatically accept, like the possibility utakanyaga IED siku moja urudi home kiwete… or there is a mortar somewhere with your name on it. You should not be in certain lines of work kama unaogopa kifo.

Some deaths are totally unnecessary, and some decisions defy common sense, unless you believe it’s criminal to think. The way you are reasoning I think if someone offered to shoot you in the head and give your family Kshs10 trillion you’d think they got a good bargain. Realistic indeed. You simply don’t understand, life is priceless and irreplaceable, and so you must be sharply alive to the fact that anyone who wants to get you killed is not your friend. If you don’t get this, then you deserve to be there, even now.

:thinking: who talked about friendship hapa? A mission is available and money has been set aside. Wenyewe wanataka payday wanasign up, wenye hawataki wanakaa. Again, where is the issue here? As in, do you honestly think kazi ya soldier ni kulipwa kupiga tizi kwa barracks? you can’t be serious.

Hapa tuna pewa donor funds in billions. Let sacrifice a few lives for that

No soldiers are being sent, as far as reports reveal. But even so, don’t worry, there’s no issue, si there is money? We shall bury you, and life will go on like nothing happened. It shall be well with your soul.

Wameshindwa to secure baringo but wanakimibia haiti na kiberebere yao. You leave your house burning to go save one that is 12,000 kms away.

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