US to discipline South Africa for supporting Hamas and Genocide Case

Why is SA crawling with all these antisemites despite not being a Muslim country? Perhaps the greatest one who was born there, Elon Musk. Is it the air or the water? Something very wrong about that place.

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Russia, Iran, Cuba, Pyongyang have been sanctioned for years and they have not died.

SA wawache kimbelembele. They have enough problems at home.

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Hujawahi kuishi chini ya apartheid.RSA Wana haki kutetea wapalestina.


South Africa are not sanctioned but they can’t keep lights on, money is stolen on transit, crime is high and everything is decaying. Imagine wakiwa sanctioned sasa?

ANC is using apartheid to deflect attention from their own failures.

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Kama walisurvive apartheid hio ni kitu kidogo sana kwao, secondly the movers of economy in south African ni Boers and other big European companies, they will suffer not the south Africans already living like rats