US School Shootings

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Its a good thing hatuna school shootings huku Kenya, before polisi wafike chuo mzima inaweza kuwa imemalizwa

You have teacher shootings instead. See; Mandera,Wajir

I think Trump’s idea is worth a shot…treat fire with fire since they wont get rid of those damn guns, then arm the teachers instead. Its the kind of out of the box thinking i like about the Trump!

Na hii yote ilitokena from the white man’s fear of retribution for his many crimes against other races. Sio kitu ingine.

Gun laws were and still are the white man’s insurance just in case the negro or the Indian or even the Hispanic wakes up and decides, “today is the day this white man has to pay!”

So, haziendi.

Fight guns with more guns. Hiyo itakuwa disaster. Naskianga Chicago has the strickest gun laws but a high murder rate due to the abundance of guns. Ni kama kusema fight drug addiction with more drugs.

Gado sweeps zimevuka border

He he he! Gado manenos!

In fact Garissa University is a case in point.

Sasa if NRA have made it impossible to regulate guns why should the unarmed pay with their lives for not being armed?

Give everyone a chance to defend themselves when the lunatic comes shooting.


What surprises me about guns in US is why does a civilian need to own several semi automatic guns if its just for self defence? These guys are just gun nuts.