US says Ruto defeated Raila fair and square - that it was the most free and credible election ever

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Uko na porno za huyo US ni nyonge


Yues knows Ojinga is a sour unhinged loser just like they have Donald Trash…

They will prosecute their loser for trying to steal elections and inciting violence…but in vumbistan they order hand cheque… :smiley: with Ojinga who did exactly the same at Bomas as DT did Jan 6, and who incites violence just like Donald Trash was and is still doing :smiley:

While this two former presidents lost in elections and both tried to overturn the will of the people…eventually handing over by force…one will be jailed and the other one will enjoy all the perks…difference ni moja ni banana republic…where criminal politicians are above the law…and will continue undermining 254 democracy via violence and intimidation…retarding Kenyas progress

Mafans wa Donald Trash Wako na automatic rifles na bado ataingia cell kabla koti…Kisha jela…na yeye alikuwa prezzo…whilst macows wa Ojinga ni mawe tu…na Ojinga is above the law…yet he will never be prezzi

That right there is why 254 is a banana republic and not a country governed by law and order…vumbistan should just get rid of useless position like DPP that serve no pragmatic purpose


Reinstate ‚ÄėCherera 4‚Äô.

Dealing with Jakuon once and for all is self-defeating for anyone seeking to win and retain the presidency of the Republic of Kenya. The incompetent octogenarian is a surebet when it comes to galvanising the country‚Äôs largest voting block, having Jakuon around means ‚ÄúHasla‚ÄĚ will potentially run against someone more despised than he is and a ready-made scapegoat for his administration‚Äôs sketchy public service delivery.

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Do we really need to get validation from yuess to accept what we already know?


Hii ni nini sasa unaandika hapa. Follow the the constitution.


No one cares what an old woman thinks. Aende wapambane na Trump huko na ma KKK wenzao humbweeerrr.

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If the ambassador is an old woman who shouldn’t be listened to…what is Ojinga? Ancestral pepo nyeusi that takes blood sacrifices of his cows :smiley:

When the US says an election was credible I begin to have doubts. It’s like Satan telling you something is good

Shosh anyamase.

Am shocked when Baba says we aren’t a US colony yet he is the one who keeps saying;

-We request the international community to mediate…
-We ask the FBI to come in and investigate…
-We ask the UN to come conduct elections…

The US easily work with people they can corrupt.

Kibaki and Uhuru worked with china and abandoned the US and the west. They refused to kneel and beg for funds from the US & Co and instead worked with china regarding funding and infrastructure. So the US, IMF, World Bank ndio sasa wamepata chance to regain their influence through sugoiman after being in the cold for 20yrs. The WB and IMF have already forced JSKS to remove subsidies, increase VAT on fuel, increase university fees. Soon free primary and secondary education will be abolished, and govt hospitals will charge like private ones. We are back to the Moi days when Kenya govt was being controlled from washington and their tough conditions brought huge suffering to kenyans and led to mass immigration from Kenya.

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Nabii ndio anajua. Pivot from the chicoms for the next 10 years. Kula pesa ya green energy na climate change kutoka kwa wazungu, just as the chinese economy slows down and population starts declining