US opioid epidemic

Late rapper Juice Wrld reportedly died after he swallowed a number of Percocet painkillers to hide them from police as they searched his luggage for drugs and guns in a hangar inside Chicago’s Midway Airport on Sunday.


Police and federal agents had been waiting inside the Atlantic Aviation hangar for the 21-year-old’s flight to arrive from Los Angeles at 1:30am yesterday morning, following a tip the musician was in possession of contraband.

The alarm was raised to law enforcement by the pilot flying the ‘Lucid Dreams’ star’s jet, who reported that guns and drugs were being carried on board, according to TMZ.

As officers began sifting through his and his entourage’s suitcases, the up and coming artist – real name Jarad Higgins – was reportedly seen swallowing several Percocet pills in what witnesses believe was an attempt to hide them.

Sources say the consumption of the pills likely contributed to Higgins’ death in a possible overdose, as, shortly afterwards he began ‘convulsing’ and then suffered a seizure.

An agent is said to have administered Higgins two doses of Narcan, an emergency treatment used when an opioid overdose is suspected.

Higgins eventually woke up after 40 minutes of treatment but was incoherent and bleeding from the mouth, police said.

He’s understood to have been conscious when he was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn but was pronounced dead just an hour later.

The search of luggage aboard the jet yielded 70 pounds - or 41 ‘vacuum-sealed’ bags - of marijuana and six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup, which contains opioids

Juice Wrld (seen right aboard the jet) is said to have suffered from a Percocet ‘problem’ and had taken ‘several unknown pills’ moments before falling ill

A search of luggage aboard the jet yielded 41 ‘vacuum-sealed’ bags - or 70 pounds - of marijuana and six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup, which contains opioids.

Investigators also confirmed that two 9mm pistols, a .40-caliber pistol, a high-capacity ammunition magazine and metal-piercing bullets were also found.

One of the rapper’s friends told TMZ that Higgins suffered from a Percocet ‘problem’ and would regularly consume the highly-addictive opioid, which can have fatal side-effects when mixed with alcohol or other substances.

For now, it remains unclear whether the drugs played a role in Higgins’ sudden passing, with a specific cause of death yet to be determined by officials.

An autopsy is slated to be carried out by the Cook County Medical examiner later Monday.

The rapper had been with around 10 or 12 people at the time of the fatal seizure, including his girlfriend Ally Lotti and his two security guards, Henry Dean, 27, of Chicago, and Christopher Long, 36, of California.

Weed is ok… but the moment you start touching opioids and codeine wewe kwisha…

weed is not okay. there is a graduate from egerton alifanya computer science akapata first class.a rare occurence…saa hii ako RVPGH psychiatric ward…hapana cheza na shtundu

kwani hiyo ndege ilikuwa yake ama? Gunia mzima ya bangi kwa ndege banaaa.

Na je psychedelics?

Huyo alipewa laced weed. Sana sana hashish ndio huongezwa kukufanya upande to more potent opioids. Bhangi iko sawa if not interfered with or abused.

Hawa wasee hutumia hizi opioids wako na guts , I remember September after afreak accident I was administered damadol which has tramadol the side effects we’re worse .

the guy is not dead…

Why are we always quick to believe these western wazungu people? We cannot believe that our own Mariga is a young prime 28 yet to grow a beard, but we can believe that this old man here is 21. Kwani anakua na speed gani? At 21 you could tell that I, like most of other people of similar age were kids. I have also come to realize that many people that are younger than me on ID are actually older by their own admission. kitambo I just thought that they are aging fast.

Was a private jet.

Just floating about in the stratosphere, eh?


Ukishikwa kubali sasa alikuwa akunywe hio codein yote na atafune bangi in one minute Ama ?

The problem with weed is that it is the gateway drug to all other drugs known to man, go and ask a junkie how it all started… They’ll tell you it all started with weed. Weed should never be legalized in Kenya, we shall have opened a can of worms

A line from his song Lean wit me "Drugs got me sweatin’ but the room getting colder/Looking at the devil and the angel on my shoulder/Will I die tonight I don’t know is it over?/Looking for my next high am looking for closure…


I though pombe na sigars were the gateaway substances.