US Military Contractors says Africa needs to be recolonized


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It’s unfortunate that he is actually right.


Recolonised?? Are they having their house in order in the first place?


Let’s be honest. Negroes weren’t doing well during colonial times. No money, no representation, no development, no rights. The white man is a violent and selfish creature and anyone who believes we can succeed with their intervention is an idiot.


Collaborators like the Baruhya and Maasai think that the white man is a God


They should clean their house first, sai USA women are actually colonizing men, and there’s nothing they can do :blush:


You just need to take one look at Ruto and his government to agree with the white man. African leaders are a disgrace to the human race. Ruto is a worthless fool who didn’t know why he wanted to be president apart from stealing. He is an empty Kaunda suit with no soul.


Utauzia nani plots if that happens?


Like the koinange, njonjo, njiiri etc Are they Luhyas too?


Afadhali nikue under american colonialism than under Ruto

Nilisema hapa mara mia that Negro is a wild animal that cannot govern himuselifu using democracy nor run a successful economy using Capitalism nor worship as a Christian because all these things are TOOLS of the White CUNTS



Enyewe many villagers will say «wacha omusungu arudi» :laughing:

I’m sure @rexxsimba had an orgasm when he heard this. His wildest orgy is about to come true. Massa is coming to him and in him - quite literally and otherwise.

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Nyinyi tu. Hamtahamishwa. Kwanza mtakuwa madonga under a working system.

The Europeans brought Christianity, united states of anarchy will bring bottom faggotry homosexuality . Better Europeans

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None of you listened when Nkrumah , Mandela and Nyerere were talking…

Africa is now almost colonized for the second time …

Thanks to our “shit-for-brains” backward leaderships and very crafty Russians and Chinese…

A second political liberation of the whole continent is urgently required…

All the autocrats , killers , thieves , conmen , shareholders and their first daughters , mistresses , Bimbo’s and errand boys have got to go …


We are living their fear.

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Pokots, Turkanas and Nandis are the only tribes that fought against colonialism 100%.

Some sections of luhyas resisted while others collaborated e g Nabongo mumia of wanga collaborated while bukusus resisted. Kikuyu traditional elites collaborated while peasants resisted. Such elites went on to inherit the new independent Kenya and have been been running this shithole republic only interrupted by kalenjin stooges

Mbaruyq zimeskia hifto sikafulahi sana mpaka sikadinya na vindole sikaanza kuwika