US Marshals find 39 missing children allegedly destined for powerful pple

Ppl are saying these kids are connected to some influential people … is this true …ebu soma comments uone


Obama ,Hillary Clinton and other top democrats hutomba na ku sacrifice hao watoi via spirit cooking

sidhani obama ako na hio tabia …the clintons…yes…obama NO

Huyo polisi anakaa kama ile marine ya old guard


that is all you could get from that story …

he enjoyed some sausages a while ago.

Why? Because he is from your backyard Kogelo Siaya?

“Kassin is not involved in such uncouth gregarioustic, incongruistic , shambolic, cataclysmic, thunderbirdistic habits. No! Never!”

In fact he wanted to marry the gentleman professor in question.

sasa nini hizi unahara???

The hill??? That’s a right wing newspaper. I pass.

Mteso wacha zako. The Hill is a centrist publication with many leftist writers and a few Conservative commentators…

Nop …I choose to refuse. Ati wanasema marshall, but not Marshall’s attached to what base?

Why cant it be a recognized news cable channel announcing it? Instead ni pre recorded computer voice? Hii ni takataka. Nimeitafuta hii breaking news pale fox na sijapata . Fox would have been the first to wank on this breaking news . Hii ni ujinga

Kwani wewe ni mjaluo juu ume catch feelings?

soma comments huko uskie kwa nini… nt that i believe it

Sisomangi news from “the hill”. Naingoja hii story fox news mbaya sana

This guy explains it all

The truth is under all your noses …

Can Donald J Trump ever explain away his close association with this well known Minor Molestor …???


what ?

Q is mainstream