US Journalists Sprayed With Bullets In Kiev One Killed, Colleague In Critical State. Watu Wakae Kwao

Putin Aparna tambua butt fvckers…


CIA wanamaliswa

This is very wrong. Putin can’t be shooting Press, just because they are American

why wont the Ukrainian NAZIs not kill journalists for symptathy votes ?

Hii Vita haitaisha haraka. The more Putin gets frustrated the more likely he will use a low yield nuke in Kiev.

Ni collateral damage like the Yanks say. Wakule ujeuri yao

So He’s getting frustrated, now you’re talking


He’s now telling the world that his regime is rogue

Americans wana kimbembele Sana kama shoti ya kwanza

Saa ile US inaua watoto na drones mbona hakukuwagi na kelele Sana?

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Answer: The people dying in this war are WHITES. PLAIN AND SIMPLE THATS IS WHY THERE IS SO MUCH NOISE ABOUT WAR CRIMES.



Watu wakunie kwao.

It’s in the line of duty. Journalists heading to war zones usually bid their families goodbye for good. And crossing enemy lines is never a good idea. It won’t surprise me that they were killed by Ukrainians.For safety, they should have crossed in a convoy.

I think they are wandering about the front line. Moving from Ukraine position towards Russian position can invite attack. No one is about to gamble with their life to verify whose fighting and who is not. The Russians may have previously been shot at by civilians who are of course armed to the teeth and not in uniform.

Putin has become mad, luckily, he doesn’t have long to live.

Utakufa mbele yake mboss…last year mjuaji @Simiyu22 told us Putin hasn’t been seen in public because ati sijui ako na Parkinson’s ama Alzheimer’s. Ati he had a few months to live :D:D:D


War journalism is always risky. To me hawa ndio journalist huwa nina heshimu. Sio hizo meffi ziko kwa desk at CNN, Newyork times etc twitting about LGBTQ chieth the whole day because bad orangeman is not online.

Very good, this will help stop american propaganda

A few years to live at most. Those diseases slowly bring you down. But he’s closer to his end than the 3/4 way line.