Cheki maneno…imeanza majamaa…kusecure territory…


I haven’t heard the word guoko since I was in highschool :D:D I think youngsters use ngori
Anyways Iraq is doing what is good for itself. Uninvited American soldiers must be shown the door even if Iran will gain. They should have thought of that when they killed Saddam Hussein.
The Chinese want to buy that Iraq oil and there’s nothing wrong with that. China will not try to interfere with politics.

Wacha katambeee mchinku naona akiwa bogdown pale Baghdad. Hadi asahau deni yake ya SGR.

Mchina akiguza pesa ya mafuta atasahau hii deni yetu ya sgr nakuambia.

Sawa expert. Ati ulisema unakuwaga posted as the ambassador of Kenya in…? Which country again?


You have no business discussing serious issues when mom is doing these things to earn a living