US house where two Kenyan women were shot last week is razed by huge fire .

This case is weird to say the least


I dont know whats happening in federal way it was once safer compared to Tacoma

Is that a neighborhood peopled by folks of the African and African American shade and values? Just asking for a friend.

Another wonder comment by a self hating bonobo

Could it be they bought a house in white neighbourhood with racial discrimination?

That is quite possible. It was reported that they were tenants with an option to own. Somebody else bought the house on auction and rented to them. They decided to give shelter to the former owner of the house that lost it on auction

This is a tragedy all round: 85 year old losses her home, then a young woman losses her life and her sister is injured. Finally the whole house goes up in flames!!! Very sad.

And the 85yr old will spend the rest of her life behind bars

Won’t she claim mental illness and get a slap on the wrist ruling?

She can. But she will never be released.

She has nothing to lose .

A clear case of arson

At that age might be better in prison

Mostly occupied by Whites,Asians and Kenyans its a small city nje ya seattle the African Americans are in Tacoma

Wachanga ujinga bana. Saa zingine huwa unaudhi. You think you are a white man just because you live in his country? A white woman ndio aliua huyo Mkenya. Instead of condemning her, you turn around and start criticizing the black neighbourhood. Sisi Waafrika we are mentally sick. Ukichanganya Ndindu na Sani halafu uweke Patco hapo u get an explosive mixture of low-self esteem and self hatred and Uncle Tom, white ass-licking hysteria.

How do you know that? This is racist white America we are talking about here.

That was a foreclosed home. The 85 y/o failed to settle her mortgage. The bank sold her house to the sisters making the 85y/o ‘homeless’ . BTW These properties are sold ‘as is’ very cheap, dirt cheap! Way much less than the value of the house. You cannot throw an 85 y/o, who cannot afford to pay for a nursing home to the streets.
That state has a program called live-in-care…where the government will pay you $$ to live with this aged people. It is a job/hustle a lot Kenyan folk do huko majuu. Unanunua nyumba mtu ameshindwa kulipia, gava and or insurance companies zinakulipa some $$ kuishi na shosho homeless as a carer.

Weka emotions kando Wakandan and tell us why the black ladies,were shot.

Here’s a note from the 85 year old shooter and former owner of the house:

A note found in Jenne’s car laid out the reported reasons for her killing Janet Oyuga, saying “Janet is not a very nice person” and “I had no one to help me.”

“I think she was getting ready to evict me, and I’m 85 and have no place to go,” Jenne wrote in the note, which also included instructions for her own burial.

And obviously you won’t give the old lady top notch care. Probably food was an issue. I mean she is departing the earth any way. They assumed she was frail na hangefanya any…

By the time she decided to shoot these sisters and take her own life lazima kuna back story mahali. And of course the stress of losing a house she has lived in half her life.

After the deadly shooting, police discovered a note tucked into a gun holster in Jenne’s 1977 Chevrolet Malibu, which read: ‘Janet was not a nice person. She drove me to this… Janet just pushed and pushed and I just couldn’t cope anymore as I had no one to help me … I think she was getting ready to [e]vict me and I’m 85 and no place to go,’ reported Seattle Times.

We africans have our short comings but if you side with the 85 yrs old loser on this, then you have a bigger problem than we can imagine.

First, hers is just her own perception of Janet not being a good person,Secondly you dont go around killing people you percieve as not good people.
She was helped with a roof over her head for heaven sake.

As for you, pick up your self esteem and face that black uncle who molested you bana. Get closure. It might help neutralizing the bile on your throat towards your own skin.