US Foreign Aid for 2017 - Kenya $626M

The US budgeted foreign aid is $50B.
$15B of that is military aid

Kenya the tops the humanitarian aid in Africa at $618M
Somalia to get $116m in military aid.
Kenya gets $8M in Military Aid

They said Kenya can do without the west. He he sema kucheswo. I am still waiting for a Jubilee apologist to explain to me what the money given to Kenya by Secretary Kerry for supporting elections is really for. I dont understand why this money was given to the executive and not IEBC. The government doesn’t conduct elections. If you give Jubillee that money you make them the one who pays the piper. Jubilee is just but one of the players in the election process. How will this money be shared among other stakeholders e.g The Media and CORD and other parties?


Kwa kila thread unasema "I am still waiting for jubilee apologists to " …buda hiyo phrase imekuwa hobby?


The primary concern of Us when allocating funds is to enable smooth transition or smooth continuity of a regime. In our case, the Us is fully aware that LAILA WIR NEFA BI PRESIDENTI, NEFA…, and as such, its only good business to lick the boots of the next government ie the current Jubilee …its complicated…i need charts and duagrams and power point and a short animated film to make cord understand…[SIZE=1].meffi helmet check[/SIZE]


As far as the US is concerned Jubilee meets the minimum threshold for the kind of government they wish to see in Kenya. Their interests are safe with Jubilee. Swali kwa Mkenya, are Kenya’s best interests guaranteed by Jubilee ?

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But when the US ‘interferes’ with our affairs, we are quick to shout ’ no to neocolonialism. We are a sovereign nation’.
I don’t know why so many Kenyans think that our country is of such interest to the US. US only interest with Africa/kenya has to do with stalling Chinese influence and some fringe interests in fighting terrorism. Many Kenyans live with the illusion that Kenya is a giant on the global stage. …it is a mere dwarf.


Ako wapi @Acoustic atuambie it’s God who makes Israel a super power! If we’re to take his words literally, then the USA is Lord God Almighty


Then go live in one of the giants . Am proud of my motherland, and to me, its a Giant, and the best country in the world. Whatever the interests of the Us in Kenya, if my country benefits in infrastructure, security , health, education etc, then i have not a care in the world.

Lets make something clear, it is the west who were busy shouting choices and consequences, essential contact and all that nonsense and we replied and told them we will make our choices and did by voting against their puppet and they can do their worst. now here they are swallowing their words and giving us funds. are we supposed to refuse?


“Fight terrorism”? USA is using Kenya as an entry point, a USA police state/“station”.

My friend Kenya is actually quite important contrary to your thinking. Know this from today henceforth, Kenya is valuable for quite a number of reasons. First and foremost is Geostrategic Advantage. Kenya lies in a part of the globe that is strategic for both military purposes as well as economic ones. Any world power that can control Kenya will extend its influence through not only much of East and Central Africa, but a significant part of the horn of Africa and the Arab Peninsula. This would put them within reach of the current global theaters of war, but also within reach of some of the fastest growing economies in the world. This allows them to be able to participate and finance expensive military excursions by reaping from the mushrooming economies. As the global power balance begins to shift, he who has control to the riches and resources of Africa will have a major advantage globally. Much of the raw materials and minerals needed to build the current and next generation technology is found in Sub Sahara Africa. Most of those resources remain vastly untouched, waiting to be extracted. This is why everyone wants a piece of Africa…its all about the resources. And Kenya is a favoured gateway into Africa given its political stability, educated local workforce, and culture of global embrace. The policies and laws of Kenya are also more inviting to foreigners compared to many of the neighboring states. We have access to the sea with well developed infrastructure linking to the hinterland of the continent. And to top it off there is already a huge and thriving expatriate community and a host of foreign corporations from all over the world. All together it makes Kenya a very attractive option for anyone seeking to establish themselves long term in Sub Sahara.


Nakubaliana nawe lakini hapo kwa mere dwarf na stalling Chinese interest ndio sio kweli. Everyone knows Africa, with Kenya somewhere near the tip of the arrow, is rising and they will do anything to be onboard. The Americans would like to stymie in the medium term and if possible reverse some of the gains made by Uncle Woo in this parts. Their businesses are suffering. Now, Russia is throwing itself into the mix


in this aid, how much goes to salaries, allowances and benefits of lazy american expatriates and how much goes to procurement from american corporations?

in this aid, how much goes to salaries, allowances and benefits of lazy american expatriates and how much goes to procurement from american corporations?