US elections nothing more than a personality contest

This is going to be by far the most vain elections the US have ever had. There is an utter lack of discussion on issues that matter. The media has chosen not to focus on stuff like the messed up US foreign policy, the racial profiling and police killings of minorities, or perils facing the economy and security. None of this stuff is center stage in the discussions. When you look at the mainstream media all you see is that garbage of who-said who-grabbed who-kissed. Its no longer about the big issues that the US as a country is facing, its about the candidate’s personalities and flaws thereof.
Its about what a sexist Trump is, and how he doesn’t respect women, and all that other BS that has absolutely nothing to do with being a commander-in-chief. So what if the guy groped a few asses back in the day. And so what if he objectified women in a private locker room brag to another guy. None of that stuff matters on either the domestic or global arenas. Just call the guy a jerk and move on to more important issues. When you see the entire direction of the conversation shifting to something so trivial, you know they are trying to distract the gullible masses that form the bulk of the electorate.

Steering the election discussion in the direction of ‘personality based politics’ rather than ‘issues based politics’ is none other than the usual suspects… The FemiNazi.
The feminazi have come all out on this one in support of one of their own. And they have the mainstream media in their corner. The feminazi would like to install Crooked ‘lock-her-up’ Hillary as the smiling female version of Hitler. And of course they have found all the ammunition and justification they need in Trump. Attacking him at every turn and using his own words against him. Diverting attention from real issues to nonsense through the power of social media. You know the societal IQ is going down when the trending hashtag during a presidential debate is #nastywoman. The whole thing has quickly transformed into some sort of women empowerment crusade. No one is even looking at the recently released Wikileaks emails anymore. Or scrutinizing the paid speeches Hillary has been giving to Wall Street and the international banking mafia. Now its all about petty nonsense.

In the 21st century democracy has been reduced to nothing more than a reality TV show.


soon it will pass so that people get back to their lives

CNN said that they are not going to focus on the emails because it is illegal to handle hacked documents. I am sure if they were trump’s they would have been analysed word for word.

CNN are such a propaganda machine they don’t even bother acting unbiased anymore.

Thank you! Ktalj

Thank you! Ktalk isn’t as hopeless as I was beginning to worry.

Is making america great again not an issue?

The media has focused on Trump small talk and closed eyes on Hillary criminal past. This is beyond madness.

Why can’t you guys focus your energies on your own country. Make it right at home first.
Mnajipa pressure ya bure.

A wise man listens both to what is happening in his back yard as well as across the pond. Being up to date on current affairs is no pressure at all

Enyewe if Trump loses the election al verify that illuminati is no conspiracy. CNN is really acting childish. I watched the debate and the headline after it was just so absurd i couldnt believe it,“Trump wont consent if he loses.” He said ,“Ill keep you in suspense”

CNN is bullchieth , si mara ya kwanza wametuharibia jina

Wenger chieth niaje? Umebet 20 bob game za leo?

CNN= Clinton News Network. It’s becoming very clear that there’s a conspiracy to impose a world government; and the dangerous people, big banks, UN, Goldman Sachs etc behind this cannot be stopped.

Trump is talking sense especially on restoring American jobs. People have become soo lazy to get the correct facts but would rather hash tag nonsense. Trump is fighting the corrupt establishment funding wars, manipulating stock market and energy prices, but people have been brainwashed to talk about Cunts!!

You guys are restoring my hope in ktalk. Kudos!

When śaudi bombs Yemen citizens( recently they bombed a funeral) it’s a non issue because they are big time clients of the UK and US arms. On the other hand when Putin stands up for his ally he is condemed and threatened with sanctions. Closer home South Sudan is facing the consequences for allowing Chinese invest in their oil which America won’t let go. Trump is saying we need to question what the hell is happening?? If Clinton wins, she will be worse than George Bush as she tries to please the establishment bankrolling her. She has NO mind of her own. Which is worse; kissi
ng a woman who is so willing or let your diplomat in Libya asking for help be roasted with gun fire?

That makes Trump a Messaih. Good will always triumph over evil. Methinks the political union that America is will disintegrate . plagiarised from Baba Vanga

You might be right. The second ammendment folks ain’t smiling with Hillary. If she rigs then PEV 2016 is very possible

How the mighty fall! I thought only 3rd world countries have PEV? What next, nusu mkate govt? jk :smiley:

This insha overlooks the fact that Trump went through the primaries chest-beating, insulting and demeaning his opponents. He has extended the style to the main contest reducing US politics to what you are whining about: sex, ego and conspiracies.

Even the GOP is realizing too late that they let a monster into their flimsy tent.