US doomsday cult mum guilty of murdering children-we should hang Makenzi for the Kids' deaths


death of the children is the surebet angle to hang Makenzi.

Dateline ndio ujue everyone is a potential killer. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Potential and actual are worlds apart. Everyone has the ability and knowledge on how to kill, it is our restraint that matters.

I followed this case until I got tired. Mwanamke ameua 5 husbands and her two kids go missing as she’s marrying Chad Daybell a Mormon end times preacher. Her bro Alex a main suspect in all the murders dies under mysterious circumstances. Go back and get the entire story. When is the sentencing and what happened to Chad Daybell? Usituletee story Quarter. Udaku haitaki uzembe.

yangu sio story 1/4, … i’m just implying that it is easier to convict Makenzi for the murder of the shakahola children than it is to fix him for the death of adults who have the freedom to starve themselves to death. kids cannot willingly starve to death, they were murdered by their parents and Makenzi as an accomplice…and dead kids are an emotive subject sure to hang this guy

If he did not murder the parents how could he be charged for murder of their children who were under their care? Inciting some one to commit suicide or homicide for hundreds of people is enough to put him away for life.

Lorie Daybells story was different. These were her children. She had not reported them missing, their bodies were found in a fire pit on Chad Daybells property.

Case ya Mackenzie is very complex. They can still release him and kill him extrajudicialy like they do to radicalised moslem leaders and or terrorists.