US back in Afghanstan


hapa labda msito Putin aingilie kati

US should never have left. Yeah, Afghanis dont appreciate their presence. All they do is complain and shield Taliban. But they gave them stability. US has over 30,000 troups in Germany, 70 years after WW2. For what, one may ask. They should have stayed in Afghanistan.

Biden will prove to be the worst mistake that USA has ever committed ever in history. They will regret for voting out a leader who looked after their best interests.

jinga wewe
Mjerumani aruhusiwe kuunnda modern weapons…anaweza pepeta Murica:D

tuta tuma huyu jamaa huko

Kama waRussia?

This was the plan all along. They’ll now come back and 5ake TOTAL control of the country and make themselves another Vietnam.

That will be great

This whole situation looks fishy to me, & i’m no expert by a long shot, but you mean to tell me that the US didn’t see this coming, do you realize how powerful their intelligence is, as well as their military? Combine that with the intelligence of the UK and other NATO countries. I’m very skeptical of this whole sketchy set of circumstances

They could very easily have destroyed any sensitive database, dismantled and shipped valuable equipment and surplus weapons & ammo back home, evacuate US citizens and their Afghan counterparts, then lastly, evacuate all their military personnel, but they did it the other way around and started by withdrawing the soldiers…

Hollywood wamefanya US ikae nation hatari sana lakini kwa ground ona. Sloppy retreat, kushindwa na kuhepa vita. :D:D:D

Even then it doesn’t add up, but some suspect that they are regrouping and consolidating in preparation for a new major conflict in Taiwan, Iran, Korea, Venezuela or Ukraine

Of course a military General will always say there is an increased threat of xyz. How else would they justify that sweet military budget worth hundreds of billions? They NEED threats to continue “threatening” so that they can continue eating the taxpayers money. War is profit, peace is not.