US ambassador to Kenya, calls corona, Wuhan flu


I agree with him.

It’s undiplomatic…

Only for a short time? Is that a proven fact?

He is right

His absolutely right

It is true.

Going by the replies to his post Kenyans don’t like his condescending attitude.

Mimi najua ni contact virus :stuck_out_tongue:

After everything China is doing to Kenyans, people are still defending them. Unbelievable!

Stockholm syndrome is real

I second you.let us call it by the right names,…Wuhan flu,chinese plague,rat eaters malady etc etc

This guy is a Conservative Bible thumper na mtu wa Trump damu. Umeona the hashtag? As soon as this virus clears atapambana na wachinku trying to undermine their foothold in Kenya. I think if we play our cards right Kenya and indeed Africa can leverage the West’s vendetta with China to our advantage. Perhaps we can lessen the grip they have on our balls with these crippling loans of theirs. But with guys like Pork and Ambassador Kamau running the show hiyo ni ndoto.

True WHO was suppose to name that vairus wu-cov 19.

It is the Chinese virus. No need to sugar coat the truth. The Chinese wouldn’t feel funny to say Ebola is an African disease.

I disagree, it is not wise to call it Chinese or Wuhan flu… personally, I prefer Kung flu

They should patent their virus…this is a kang virus

wuhan virus, kung flu , chinese virus are all correct

Which page are you guys seeing. Am seeing the opposite. Very few Kenyans disagreeing with the naming

As it is