US ambassador feels the weight...

… of Msito Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Alpha kiongoss.


Boy wa Putin hapana tambua western homosexual. He/she/chieth stood Infront of a masculine man not the soy ladyboy on testosterone hormones.

Putin is “Sigma Male”, compare him to Thanos of Marvel Universe.


Tell them

When Putin visits your house, you are the guest.

So she wanted to be in charge in Russia? Witch!

Our man vladmir putin! Nani kama yeye?

Why would she want to feel in charge?

Typical US BS

Mugich Kama hautambui Western homosexual chieths bona unajiita boy wa Putin ? Alias kinyangarika wa Putin ? At this rate akirequest you suck him up naona ukinyoa Rasta na kusema sir yes sir as you kneel like @cortedivoire

Kasee fungua thread ya waterpan. Niliona uko na waterpan chonjo. Ina Beba how many litres of water,what did it cost to construct,ikiwa full how long does the water last for irrigation?
Sande sana I do have a plan to venture into farming.